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  1. G'day So my next question is... Having looked at things like silent coat and dodo Matt for sound insulation it strikes me that a thicker more heat focused product might well be more appropriate for the firewall and perhaps the gearbox tunnel due to the natural route that heat from the engine will take. Please excuse me for reopening something that is often discussed but I'm wondering if something more might be required in the areas mentioned. Gentlemen your thoughts? Oh and does anyone have a decent diagram of where the stock stuff was fitted and outlines? Patterns even!? Don't want much do I...... Don't ask don't get😊 Regards Johno
  2. Thanks all for input. Pete, did you !mention someone the other day for rebuilds? Jonathan
  3. Yep a few from a couple of angles maybe. Cheers for the editing tip😊
  4. Does anyone know of a good source for stromberg spindle reamers? And bushes come to that. Regards Johno
  5. Is there anyone in the Bristol area that could let me take a few pictures of either of the two mentioned cars for reference? Gt6 mainly as I've not had one but am using one's lump. Regards Johno
  6. Mk III , predictive text text will be the death of me!!
  7. I'm looking for some good diagrams for the whole manifold Carnegie linkage arena for a mk III gt6. Can anyone suggest a source please. Regards Johno
  8. The 5" foam heater gasket and four foam pipe gaskets that sit between the heater and the bulkhead on a spiitfire are £15 or thereabouts. Does anyone know the material in order that a small sheet can be bought to make some. Alternative "polite" suggestions welcome. Johno
  9. I seem to remember digging something like button out from the spot in disasembly. It wouldn't have been renovated before. Perhaps it was just in the slot. They might just get schutzed.
  10. I'm thinking the original may have been butyl.
  11. Greetings, So I'm putting a gt6 engine in my old 1300 mkiv. Long story boring... Does anyone know which look or combination should be used? Thanks Johno
  12. Evening all, What's the sealant smothered around the shims of a radius arm after fitting? Anyone? Johno
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