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  1. I seem to remember digging something like button out from the spot in disasembly. It wouldn't have been renovated before. Perhaps it was just in the slot. They might just get schutzed.
  2. I'm thinking the original may have been butyl.
  3. Greetings, So I'm putting a gt6 engine in my old 1300 mkiv. Long story boring... Does anyone know which look or combination should be used? Thanks Johno
  4. Evening all, What's the sealant smothered around the shims of a radius arm after fitting? Anyone? Johno
  5. Cheers that's where I was going if anything. Just the whole grease and brakes thing.
  6. I've heard replacement brake adjusters are made of monkey metal! So I've spent some time (arguably to much) to unseize my own original ones. So without wanting to sound sense were the little piston and the adjuster spigot ever lubricated with anything, or left completely dry. If so what? Regards Johno
  7. Evening all, So is there a correlation between short drive shafts and early car springs? I'm thinking about camber angles and imagining that early car springs don't swing. But are possibly shorter. Therefore if I use a later "swing" spring with short shafts I'll get more camber and potential tuck! Which nobody wants. Can anyone Shine a light on correct spring / shaft length combinations? Regards Johno
  8. reclining Gt6/ spitfire seats. Thanks for the leads.
  9. Who makes the best seat covers Cheers Johno
  10. Alan hi, I don't but I'll keep an eye on the post as I'm in exactly the same position. I think they're a cracking upgrade. Boy racer image be damned. Johno
  11. Can anyone rent me a hub puller ? Regards Johno
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