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  1. Quick update on my original request. I did not get any response to the email I sent to the club and shop. I did get a response from the Archive in Milan, and talked with Edgardo Michelotti, who has quite a few interesting Stag renderings I have not seen elsewhere. Unfortunately, he wants €350 to send a high res digital image by email. In the meantime, I found a better quality image elsewhere on the Internet, which was just about good enough for an A4 print on art paper to hang on my office wall.
  2. Such an interesting film! Quite an eye opener racing against Ferrari, Ford, Maserati, Cobra.. Do any of those Spitfires survive today?
  3. Thank you for the leads. I have sent a message to the club. I have also written to the Archive in Milan. Their website mentions a collaboration with the V+A Museum. Following that link, the V+A have a collection of his sketches, although unfortunately this does not include any of the Stag.
  4. I really like this Stag drawing and am keen to find either a digital copy in hi-res or a printed copy I can buy. Searching on the internet I can only find a small low-res copy of the original. Does anyone know if such a thing is available?
  5. I have been to LM24 a few times. Their campsites are fine for me. Some of the camping set-ups are quite impressive! I haven't been to LMC before, but expect it to be less busy and calmer? Is the club area in Epinettes? I will probably choose Bleu Nord which is a short walk to the main straight.
  6. I am sure, although being outside of the UK I would unlikely participate in many, which is why I was interested in this event closer to home. Looking at the forum you seem a very friendly and helpful group, so I will probably join anyway. I mentioned CLM to a group of friends this morning and was surprised quite a few of them said they wanted to come. They are not Triumph owners, so we will probably all just book tickets and camping directly from the ACO Le Mans website, which is already open. Maybe I can come over to your bar and say hello at some point? Assuming the event is not canc
  7. sorry, I should have just googled the text. I found it here https://sportscar365.com/lemans/lemans24/budget-cuts-among-acos-sustainability-measures/
  8. Thank you for the information. Mjit, where did you find that ACO statement?
  9. I would like to go to LMC next year. Can someone please tell me roughly how much the TSSC package cost for 2020 (or 2021 if already known)? I am not currently a TSSC member (only recently become a Triumph owner), but this could be the reason for me to join and be initiated into the club! Thank you.
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