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  1. That is great Thanks Colin. Really helps. Did you have to drill the mounting points or can it be done without drilling? I think I may have to settle for 4 axle stands although having a car hoist looks extremely useful for this particular job. 🙂
  2. Thanks Pete and everyone else for the input. Martin
  3. Thanks all. Copper grease I have and sounds like a good idea. Will purchase some lengths of the canvas strapping in readiness. I do not know what comes in the fitting kit but I am hoping it is everything I need as I guess these have been supplied for many years. I have already purchased a 1300 gasket (on recommendation from Roger G) to replace the 1500 manifold to head gasket. Hopefully then I am all set. The current jets in the car are brand new so I should have some control over the fuel mixture. How does everyone check the fuel mixture is optimum without a machine or colour tune? Colour of the plugs after a few miles of running? Martin
  4. Hi All I have on order a bell twin exhaust purchased from TSSC. I also have a bell manifold. Before the exhaust turns up I wondered if any of you had any experience of fitting and can suggest any extra items I might need in addition to the kit which comes with it (other than exhaust sealing paste). I have seen several articles where additional exhaust clams were used. Would like to get anything I need in advance so that hopefully can get this put together in one go. I also realise that I may well have to change the jets to accommodate for the additional airflow. Any other tips or pointers greatly appreciated Thanks Martin
  5. You have to buy them as a set of two and I only need one. Any one have a spare nearside underrider? Thanks Martin
  6. Might just bag one of those then. Cheers
  7. Hi Folks Does anyone have a spare spitfire 1500 nearside underider they would like to sell. Current is plastic but I guess metal would do also. Thanks Martin
  8. Good solution. What are those spacers made of?
  9. Just a quick one folks I want to re-chrome my fuel cap. I have a 1976 spitfire 1500. I can see that there are two small holes at the back and side of the cap. Does this contain a retaining pin? If so can I just knock this out and remove? If not what is the easiest way to remove? Thanks in advance Martin
  10. I actually have one of those and I believe the cheap stereo I have does accommodate blue tooth. Might try that for a while. Ta
  11. Not a bad shout. To be fair the stereo is pretty cheap anyway for exactly the same reason. Will probably look at something similar and easy enough to chuck in the boot if need be. Thanks Martin
  12. That sounds like quite a good idea. Hopefully can still hear them with the roof down. Thanks Doug
  13. Hi All Just a quick one. Can anyone recommend speaker size for the door panels of a spitfire 1500 and where best to place them so they will not interfere with cables/window mechanism etc. Thanks Martin
  14. Thanks Guys as always. Will return for exchange unit. Much appreciated
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