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  1. hi all.relating to my previous post regarding trying to fit a wood steering wheel and issues with the horn.its packed up again and upon investigation i found the wire in the biro has broke.tried to fix it with no luck so im after a new biro.anyone know where i can get one from.cheers dave
  2. more or .it had two terminals on and i didnt know which was which.also didnt know what to do with second terminal as everything i tried seemed to set the horn off (much to the annoyance of my neighbours)finally earthed that to a screw and it worked so well happy now. ready to put it away for winter now and get a load of jobs done. back axle (oil leak) brakes and steering bushes etc.hopefully then itll be ready for longer journeys.cheers
  3. thanks all for the suggestions on the steering wheel. finally got it sorted with the help of colin lindsay who advised about both connectors.looks well nice .cheers
  4. thanks colin.after trying everything else,i did what you suggested,centre soldered to biro and the other one to earth.it worked.so if i ever bump into you at a meet,i owe you a pint,cheers
  5. no.the new horn push fits the boss but doesnt work the biro.the old horn centre works the biro fine until i put the wheel on then it sits sort of outside the boss as the wheel pushes it away.ill start again tomorrow.thanks for all the advice guys.
  6. yes the biro connector works but only with the old horn button and that doesnt fit the new wheel. if i put the old button in the boss with the biro it works but as i said the old horn button is no good for the wheel. ive given up for tonight.might get one of those old horns you fasten to the side and press a rubber bulb lol.
  7. yes i think ive been sold a pup (as my mother would say) by the club. i put the biro in the boss and if i put the old centre button in it works.trouble is when i put the wheel on the centre is too far out to make the earth with the spring clip.ive tried connecting one wire to the biro as pete said but nothing happens when i press the horn.
  8. obviously mine is different to the others.as you can see by my pic the horn button has two connectors on it with two wires. the only way they can connect is through the hole in the boss.this was bought through the club so i assume its a different design.
  9. with the wooden steering wheel you have a hub (shown in the photo) because the centre of the wood wheel is only thin.this brings it out to the thickness of the original wheel.the wires connect to live and earth i can get the horn to work but as i said the earth cable wont go through the hole in the hub. cheers
  10. hi all anyone want to buy a triumph herald?mine is driving me crackers lol. ive bought a wood steering wheel and boss "with all fittings".after struggling to remove old wheel i finally did it and tried to fit the new one.took a while to suss out that one cable goes to earth somewhere but god knows where.also from the picture,you can see that the earth cable doesnt go through the hole in the boss (the holes too small).any suggestions where the earth might go. if anyone has done this a few pics would be useful. it seems that every job that should in theory be simple doesnt go to plan.cheers
  11. the problem is i would have to drill out the bottom as the holes are too small for the existing bolts and i dont want to do that if it doesnt work.i tried it in place bolted at the top and wedged at the bottom but it still wouldnt move.
  12. ive twisted it but ti no effect
  13. hi everyone.hope all are well. a bit of a puzzle .ive just bought a gas ram for the boot of my herald from the club and i have two issues.one the holes in the bottom are smaller than the existing one (not a big deal as i can drill them out)but the ram is as shown in the photo and i cant move it up or down.can anyone shed light on this.is there something i have to do to it to make it work.its absolutely solid.thanks to everyone.its probably me being a plonker but dont call me rodney lol.
  14. thanks to all .still non the wiser lol.dont want a vitesse for the speed.just thinking about being out in the sun.shame you cant convert one.if that was the option id stick with my herald.also i note the vitesse is a bit more upmarket but ive heard many conflicting reports about reliability etc.
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