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  1. If you are thinking of going book ferries now before they keep going up! I have just booked my usual route portsmouth le havre overnight on wed,returning mon evening,britany ferries. It is £90 more than 2018! thats for 2 of us I think this might be my last time ,i have been 5 times and its getting almost too popular?
  2. I had one snap on my vitesse last year at about 35mph,heard a bang and saw a wheel disappearing across the fields and then realised it was mine then the car went for a womble and managed to beach it on the grass verge ,luckily there was no kerb.Like yours mine showed it had been cracked for awhile.Have to see if my new one from Taiwan lasts any longer? I can remember my mates herald doing the same on the A23 coming back from Brighton in the dark back in the 70,s,went back in the morning to recover the car,never found the wheel though! When I used to race/rally cars always made sure I didn,t swap shafts from one side to the other. martin
  3. I would just like to add to that and say what a fabulous weekend i had and can,t say enough for the effort the club put in.It was my 6th time but I took a friend who has been having a hard time lately having lost his wife but he,s already working out the details for the next one? Great therapy. martin
  4. Good Evening Phil, I have a non-overdrive gearbox which came out of my 1968 2.0 vitesse Mk1, which I converted to overdrive.However I would think it would need a strip down and checkover,poss rebuild before you fit it if thats any help. I live near Chichester. martin
  5. Always used to be careful when rallying anglia,s escorts etc not to mix shafts from one side to the other. As you say when you buy a new shaft you don,t get a new flange so who knows how old it is. I realise i have put this post in the wrong place,should be under drivetrains, feel free to move me! rainbow
  6. I have been running my 2.0 vitesse convertible for about 7 years and was wondering does anyone else get through as many halfshafts as me?? All new bearings etc when put back on the road , after about 3 years n/side inner needle roller disintegrated wrecking shaft, new one fitted.One year later flange came loose,poss, bad fit on shaft and not correctly checked by me? On my racing Elan we used to seat them using grinding paste before fitting them up. Any how another new shaft etc fitted. Then last autumn driving at about 30mph, large bang and n/side wheel disappears across the fields and I luckily beached the car on grass verge.It had snapped on the taper just inside the flange.Another new shaft etc fitted! So while doing abit of winter TLC I have taken off o/s shaft to check it out and yes the u/j cups are spinning in the inner flange, pushed them out by hand! Also a bit of play on hub/inner roller so I will be pulling it apart to investigate, hopefully not damaged shaft. I have just looked at my MOT,s and have only done about 13000 miles in total, how did they keep going in period!! I should know really as I used to work at Lankesters Triumph in the early 70,s rainbow
  7. Just had an e-mail to say ferry bookings with Brittany Ferries are now open for next year, booked mine already, best thing is they only want £40 deposit pay rest next year so I will be on usual overnight portsmouth lehavre ferry.
  8. Well I,ve just booked my ferry trip with Britany Ferries the usual boring 8hrs overnight from portsmouth to le havre on the wed night arriving thurs, am, I am sure I could row quicker? and returning mon. early evening. Cost £208 inc, reserving 2 lounge seats on way out, good news they only wanted £35 deposit and balance next may so I use my state pension for something useful. martin
  9. rainbow

    Tow bar

    I also have a 2lt mk1 vitesse convertible, I fitted a towbar which bolts to the rear legs and have used a drop plate through the rear valance. I didn,t want to drill holes through the the rear bumper as they are irriplacessable not like the rear panel and in any case you can,t see the hole unless you are on your knees! I tow a Rapido folding caravan without any problem , I think it weighs about 7cwt, check it out on youtube? Mine has std exhaust martin
  10. I usually go to the Elsted Inn near Midhurst, its free and the pub put up a marquee for soup etc in the carpark. Need to get there about 10 ish as it fills up if weather is good, normally a good mix from classics to prewar. Lets hope it doesn,t rain or else I will go to Arundel Lido for a swim instead!
  11. When I rebuilt my vitesse 5 years ago with all new brake components I used silicone and have no problems whatsoever , and it has a really good pedal. Always keep some in the boot part of breakdown kit! rainbow
  12. This event is always high on my list, a great day out to see real enthusiasts not cheque book racers like other goodwood events, and a fantastic collection of road cars aswell. rainbow
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