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  1. Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. I'm now in contact with Mike Papworth and he appears to be the best option to resolve the problem. Only trouble is, he wants a further £800 to sort it - getting to be a very expensive component, plus shipping to Coventry & back....
  2. Forgot to mention, both rear drive shaft assemblies with new UJs (incl all new wheel bearing/rear trunnions and all bushes replaced with new poly) are new and new UJs have been fitted in the prop shaft - I'm certain the noises are from the Diff
  3. Full rebuild completed Sep 20, but probs with recon diff from MAJOR UK Triumph supplier. Paid just shy of £700 for a recon exchange diff - had it fitted, rumbled like hell and sprang a leak so sent it back. Recon diff NUMBER TWO refitted and this one had a broad repertoire of noises, which were different on cornering/acceleration/overrun etc. These noises were loudish so sent this one back as well. Enter replacement Diff NUMBER THREE - This one (currently still installed) is the loudest whine yet, on both acceleration and overrun but quiet on a neutral throttle. No other untoward noises emanating from it. I'm told by the supplier to run it for 300+ miles and it should quieten down. I'm very sceptical. Sought advice from several mechanics who all say the same - they DONT believe it will quieten down. Been on several forums and found several owners had the same prob and theirs have not quietened down. I'm not prepared to put up with the whine when I've paid out £700 for a recon unit. Apparently all the Diffs supplied to the main Triumph suppliers come from one source. I'm further informed all new crownwheel/pinion sets now come from Germany and that where the prob may lie. We have a Spitty we've spent a fortune on and is close to concourse condition that sounds like a tractor when being driven. ANY HELP/GUIDANCE/ADVICE APPRECIATED. I'm that desperate I'm considering trying to source a better 2nd hand 3.63 unit instead. My original old unit was much quieter than ANY of the 3 replacements - I wish I'd stuck with it and had new seals & bearings installed, but sadly it's long gone as an exchange hand-in.
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