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  1. It would appear that responsible consumerism is making a comeback! Count me in!
  2. Wouldn't be the first time. There are more pragmatic options out there
  3. Greetings! I recently came across this reproduction Delco electronic distributor with mechanical tachometer takeoff, from Spitbits. I had previously decided not to go for the 123 unit because of mixed reviews and the headache involved in converting the tachometer to electric. I was also told (by my rolling road tuner) that the 123s don't work consistently well across all Classics, which was another red flag. The car is equipped with a Lucas 22D6 with Magnetronic ignition - I am hoping for a fit and forget replacement. https://www.spitbits.com/store/1a-COMPLETE-ELECTRONIC-DISTRIBUTOR-GT6-P6984.aspx Anyone with experience with this actual unit installed on your car? Cheers!
  4. Don't do it! I had a Chinese aluminum rad fitted on my Classic Mercedes. The weld bend at the bottom hose connector failed. The results were disastrous. Fortunately, I caught it before the motor overheated. It can be painful paying for a non-Chinese unit but I highly recommend going with products made with an element of manufacturing ethics involved. Basically anything Japanese/ German is preferred (if a recore isn't an option)
  5. Anyone know what the X in W78X stands for? It took me a long time to find a full set of W78 plugs. The last two are currently on their way from Italy. I really hope they live up the forum's hype
  6. For those interested, I've never seen a 075 with a 5 year warranty at this price before!
  7. This appears to correlate with the experience of other owners who have installed the updated water pump. It appears to force coolant through the system better regardless of other variables.
  8. Further complicated by the fact that this engine was extensively rebuilt 35K miles ago with some really unorthodox decision making. {Drives great though 🙂} I have almost completed my Auto-Rx oil treatment. This additive is known to gently (slowly) unblock oil pathways, dissolve sludge and rejuvenating rubber seals. It has worked wonders of my cars over the past 15 years. If there was a block oil passage, I’m highly confident that will have been resolved. For the coolant, my Mercedes Benz cars systems were descaled and flushed using Citric Acid. Has anyone tried this on a Triumph?
  9. I would be happy as well. However, the aux fan kicks in at the 5/8 mark and prevents an additional increase in temperature. I must admit I cannot explain why the temperature rises with 70mph airflow.
  10. The fan kicks in at around the 5/8 mark. The previous owner clearly invested a lot in his cooling system. The Smiths gauge even has a concealed green LED to indicate Aux cooling has been triggered. Haven’t checked the sender yet - definitely top hose.
  11. My apologies - we did run new coolant through earlier this year. It came out quite clear. No rust or sludge was visible. The aux fan definitely kicks in at high speed, as the temperature gauge does move above the halfway mark, even in colder weather. This only happens in London bumper to bumper traffic otherwise. Sounds like I’ll need to chose between a radiator recore or a new Radtech aluminum rad. https://www.radtec.co.uk/shop/radiators/gt6-radiator/
  12. This one? Yes, the electric fan kicks in in London traffic & above 60 mph. Otherwise it is rarely activated.
  13. I’ve read good things about his rebuilt pumps with additional blades. I’d like for the Auxiliary fan to come on less often, so it may make sense to source a used pump to send over to get rebuilt for when mine fails?
  14. If you think that's high, take a look at this one. Based on recent sale prices, cared for Mk2 examples have crossed well into the £25K+ range, so a MK1 should command upwards of £20K. Given how scare they are, I wouldn't be surprised if these prices continued to rise just as rapidly.
  15. https://youtu.be/ZICIsdz7W0A Incredibly eye opening reminder about why one should never compromise on Tyre brands!
  16. I'm too late. I've just installed 13" Continental Eco Contact 6 tyres on my GT6 and find them to be the best tyre I've used. Low rolling resistance, low noise and never once loses grip. That they are available for budget tyre prices is a bit surreal!
  17. New battery installed. Much to my surprise the car starts noticeably quicker with fewer turns. Amazing!
  18. Thanks for the encouragement - Worth a shot I suppose but will start with the passenger side first just incase. Now, to search for "How to take the seat out of the car" 🙆‍♂️
  19. I may have overestimated my ability to handle this job on my own. I have the Spitfire 1500 reclining seats installed. It's clear I will need to: 1) Lightly rust "convert" the seat frame which is otherwise is good shape. 2) Follow the instructions I'm tempted to hire a trim guy to install everything for me but before I do, thought I'd check to see if any novice had attempted this job before?
  20. Cost me £150 a couple years ago for the upgraded core. I did a citric acid flush with the old radiator on (highly recommended to get the gunk and rust out of the cooling system) and then replaced all the hoses, cleaned and polished the housings myself and added a new thermostat. The difference was astounding - the ol' girl warms up the cabin within 5 minutes on the coldest winter day and stays at 90 degrees (it's a diesel) no matter what I throw at it. Even at 88mph (top speed for the 240D) Who knows what prices are today but I went with it for originality. That said, for the GT6, the reduced weight of the aluminum radiator and improved cooling are attractive.
  21. Aaron's radiators. I've had one done for my Mercedes. Top class!
  22. I experience the same symptoms on my MK2 GT6. Fortunately, the aux fan appears to work well to keep the thermostat firmly at the halfway mark. Would switching to a Radtec aluminum radiator remove the need for an additional fan? They do claim "a 40% upgrade in cooling when compared to the original."
  23. Compared to me, you are definitely more experienced. You're advocating not being preventative with the Master Cylinder?
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