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    1968 Mk1, 2ltr. Vitesse Convertible (daughter's car)

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  1. Thanks Roger, I'll certainly have a look at your suggestions. Regards Brian
  2. Not sure that the following is relevant to this section. I'm looking for a supplier for new chrome, bezel nuts for dash switches, choke, heater etc. Have searched for ages but not much success. Chrome bezels and seals for gauges, no problem. Does anybody have an idea, please?
  3. Thankyou so much; of course they are!
  4. Can't remember where the following parts come from on Vitesse Mk 1.! I'm sure somebody can help>
  5. I want to fit an electric fan to 1968 Mk1, 2ltr. Rimmers do not offer a revotec specifically for this model and the Kenlowe that is listed is no longer available. I'd prefer a frame mounting rather than flexible ties. Anybody got any ideas of what is available or have successfully used? Brian Wesby
  6. Thanks Pete. Having spent a bit more than 10 seconds looking at it a second time, it became more obvious. New one successfully fitted.
  7. How does one remove the clutch housing bush/oil seal (part no. 132078) from the release bearing end of the bell housing in order to replace oil seal?
  8. Very cunning, thanks
  9. Are the prices shown in the shop catalogue subject to the 20% member discount or are they already discounted?
  10. If anyone's interested I found a suitable cap at "The Fuel Cap Company", email: sales @petrolcaps.co.uk
  11. Where can I buy a new lockable filler cap for Vitesse Mk1, please.
  12. Does anyone know where I can find the price of a 1968 Vitesse Mk1 2.0 convertible, non o-d, when NEW?
  13. Thanks Nigel Clark,johny, dougbgt6 and john D. Plenty to think about there.
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