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  1. A few months ago I had carb tick over problems on my herald at temperature with electric fan fan fitted. Pete suggested the problem may be lack of air flow below the bonnet without a traditional fan on the water pump. I thought about it and went back to a 4 blade alloy fan and hey presto good airflow and the carb runs smooth. Appreciate it's not for everyone but going back to the original spec worked for me and weekend only driving. Thanks Pete 👍
  2. Hi Colin, glad you got sorted. Sorry I haven't got an exhaust manifold. Hope the winter restoration goes well just keep posting if you need any herald 13/60 bits you never know I may have it in my small stash of bits. Best regards martin
  3. Hi Colin did you have any luck on the inlet manifold. I am south Yorkshire based but looking in my spares I may have a manifold
  4. Hi Colin, I went to the spitfire graveyard and bought another one with water pipes ok still not fitted carbs yet. Do you still need a herald manifold I have a nice one in my spares collection if it keeps you on the road?
  5. Thanks for the replies and advise it's really appreciated. I have flushed the engine, checked the timing, put new thermostat in. No cream on back of engine oil cap and no oil looking water or bubbles in water. Engine bolts are torqued down correct. Kenlow fan kicks in but the engine is definitely too hot as the idle speed is affected and the top of the rad is piping hot.
  6. My herald has a spitfire MK3 engine currently being cooled by a narrow radiator. Looking for a full width radiator to keep it cool. I am based in S.Yorks but willing to travel. Anyone have a decent spare spitfire full width radiator for sale?
  7. Hi Colin thanks for the reply it's much appreciated. The engine block has HE at the end of the numbers and the. Beginning is FE indicating a US export engine?? I have not done the rebuild which was done by previous owner but it definitely feels nippier than the 13/60 my dad had even on the Stromberg. I am just a bit worried about the chip out of the old manifold block ha ha ha
  8. Hi everyone, I have a spitfire MK3 engine fitted in my herald which is currently on a Stromberg carb with herald 13/60 inlet manifold. In my spares I have a pair of twin 1 & 1/4 SU carbs on a MK3 manifold but the water heater pipe needs replacing. I see the club can do the repair which is great however on inspection the inlet manifold the threaded casting on the underside has snapped at some point (painted over). Two questions 1) is it really worth switching to swin SU's 2) is it worth repairing the manifold or seeing if anyone is kind enough to sell me one in the club. I have attached pictures. Thanks in advance for your help 👍
  9. Hi Steve, I had right problems setting the carb on my 13/60 could never get it quite right. On your advise checked the fuel line and the rubber pipe before the carb was degraded and letting air in. Replaced that and added an inline filter and it's now perfect. Great post thank you. Cheers Martin
  10. Good morning, I am looking to get my Herald MOTd soon. Been round the car several times myself and happy enough but want to get it on some ramps and MOT'd for total piece of mind. Can anyone recommend a decent honest MOT station in the South Yorkshire area who are experienced enough with a classic car. (understand we have end float on front hub as an example) Many thanks Martin
  11. Looking for a bit of advise on chassis painting. Own early 67 plate 1360 herald com number 594 which had a nut and bolt restoration 8 years ago. Got to stage where minor stone chip rust spots are showing on the front riggers and paint flakes in various areas so needs catching. Underneath sprayed conifer green to match bodywork which is nice. I don't want show winner finish just something lasting. So my thought is wire brush back apply rust eating primer (any product suggestions very welcome) and then Hammerite smooth dark green colour which looks to match the conifer colour nicely. Does that sounds ok??
  12. Thanks Johnny - will give the passenger side a gentle massage see if it frees off. Steering is a bit floaty thought it was excessive play on drivers side. Saturday morning job with the jack and a cuppa. Much appreciated Martin
  13. Hi everyone, Looking down at it with bonnet up my heralds passenger side track rod end has no movement from engine to hub or in rotation. However the track rod on the driver side it rotates left and right from 12 o'clock to 10 and 2 very freely. The nut on the hub is tight and the lock nut onto the rack is tight no movement engine to hub. Is it right to say the track rod is shot and needs replacing?? Cheers Martin
  14. Hi all, just want to say a very big thanks for all the help and advise. In the end I went through everything again, checking plug gaps (engine was running rich), cleaning HT leads and dizzy cap, then carb diaphragm position and condition, re-centralised the needle and set the mixture 3 turns off top for basic set up. Put original air filter on too. Harold the herald (named by the kids) fired up 1st turn of the key and with some slight adjustments when up to temp sounds perfect. Thanks guys 😊
  15. Hi sorry, yes it's an after market k&n style filter and a mesh has been screwed to the filter with the rocker pipe slotting into the mesh. I was just worried water may drop into the carb when cooling down after a run. Will probably just get an original filter box put on as the pipe is offset correct.
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