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  1. Just had a full restoration completed and having driven 100 miles the seat belt has rubbed the seat bolster vinyl and caused a hole. It would appear at this point there is a hard piece of plastic under the vinyl which forms the lower part of the bolster. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas how to stop this happening? Thanks
  2. Hi Roger, I did order a set from TD Fitchett, which I was told were original new old stock but they turned out to be different from the originals. Photo is what was received. Does anyone have any idea what these would be for? Box was marked Spitfire 1500. Thanks, James
  3. Hi Roger, I’m so sorry for late response. I haven’t got notifications set up for this post and have only just seen your response. That’s very kind of you, I will send you a private message. many thanks. James.
  4. Would anyone know what make/model would have been fitted to a 1977 Spitfire 1500. I’m sure they wouldn’t have been standard but maybe there was standard spec for a fitted option? Any help gratefully received. Thanks, James.
  5. Thanks Chris, I appreciate your help. We are undertaking a restoration at the moment which we hope will be near concours.
  6. Hi Chris, this is really useful information and we will be spraying out trims as you have suggested. Would you have the exact RAL code please for the black trims? Many thanks, James
  7. That’s great, thank you! I knew somebody would know. Now to get a matching set! Any idea which variant would have been fitted to a 1977 car?
  8. Thanks Gav. They are the 4.5 inch wide. All sizes etc exactly the same, just different codes. I’m just interested to see if anyone knows why!
  9. Hi, I have acquired five steel wheels which I believe are an original set. However 3 are marked up with the Dunlop symbol followed by 957 and the other two have no symbol but are marked up LP957 The wheels look identical but would anyone know the difference between the markings? Many thanks, James
  10. Great, thanks very much, Clive! I will give them a call
  11. We are mid way through a full restoration, and would like to keep the originality if we can. The intention would be to renew the webbing of the belt and overhaul the remainder, mechanisms etc if required. I’ve owned the car 25 years and it is extremely original. The restoration will not be far off concours and is being undertaken by a professional restoration firm. The existing drivers belt was replaced circa 20 years ago with a securon type whilst the passenger is original.
  12. I wouldn’t fit an unsafe belt. I have made a request for an original belt and receiver, in a good condition.
  13. Hi, would anyone have an original drivers seat belt and receiver, in a good condition? many thanks, James
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