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  1. Try hand cleaner or a few squirts of elbow grease Jeff. It will get it off your hood and seats as well. Alf.
  2. Five forward and five reverse gears and could be driven under water..... Alf.
  3. You get some four letter words in the "joke" section Iain that would ruin the joke otherwise. Four letter words can be really funny or down right terrible depending on context. Just my take on the subject. Most of the banter on here is great some is patronising and rude..... that i don't like. Alf.
  4. That time of the month again i think Badwolf....... Alf
  5. They will get to you Jeff, it all depends if you buy or sell? Alf.
  6. Thanks Paul that was an interesting program. Very rarely watch BBC4. Alf.
  7. Aah you must have strayed onto the "other" site Cliff. Alf.
  8. You are spot on there with Paypal, never use friends and family unless they are just that.... As you have NO protection. Alf
  9. CLASSIC ENGINE OIL : Product Information: GOLDEN FILM 20W-50 Classic Motor Oil Description: Golden Film SAE 20W-50 Classic Motor Oil is specialist high quality, low detergent/dispersant multigrade lubricant. This oil is suitable for use in naturally aspirated four stroke petrol and diesel engines. Applications: Golden Film SAE 20W-50 Classic Motor Oil is recommended for use in veteran, classic and vintage cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and tractors, where engine design and tolerances prohibit the use of modern high additive level oils. Golden Film SAE 20W-50 Classic Motor Oil is a low dispersant oil and allows any solid contaminants to drop harmlessly into the sump. This is an important feature where early methods of oil filtration, such as mesh gauzes or strainers are fitted. The multigrade properties of Golden Film SAE 20W-50 provide improved cold start circulation This is what happens on older engines Dave. Alf
  10. Scrappy


    At least the indicators on them won't distract anyone. Alf
  11. Just thinking that myself, good radios those Mathew. Even better if the cassette still works. Alf
  12. Store the tin upside down Badwolf, it wont skin over because its air tight. I store all my paints this way. Alf
  13. Do you have a load sensing valve on the rear Dave? I had the very same problem on a mk1 Fiesta. Replaced that and all was well. I couldn't even find anything wrong with it........ Someone said fit a new one and it sorted it. Alf.
  14. Scrappy


    It's because we ponder to them and the loony left pc brigade, where as other countries don't. People in this country are afraid to fly our own flag for fear of being branded "racist" Alf
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