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  1. I always start my spit and let it get to temperature before heading off. The choke I gradually push home after 15-30 seconds.......of course every car is different with its own temperament LOL. Mk3 spits always run rich at idle, even when using a colourtune kit, you have to run it at different RPM's to adjust jets. but you're saying that after warm up the plugs are sooted up? Mine always are after warm up before I head off, only after I have a run do they go a slight charcoal/brown and all that soot is burnt off....................................what if its the same problem I experienced lately see my post 'Spitfire mk3 - spitting'. Mike
  2. Finally!! Thought Id check in and let you guys know the problem. I swapped the the coil with a known coil that works, the problem still persists............................................. BUT, when replacing with my original coil, I noticed that there was a frayed bare wire protruding through the wiring loom that goes to/from the solenoid. This bare frayed wire was touching the bulkhead panel to which both the solenoid and coil are fixed to. (see pic) I part stripped the loom to expose the wire (which wasn't connected to anything) and decided to cut it cleanly and used a combination of liquid electrical tape and electrical insulating tape at its termination point. I can only think that this cable could of fed some accessory at some point and was abandoned. Everything put back together and fired the car up - BINGO, no misfire, no backfire.....in fact it ticked over nicely and even at 900rpm. I checked that all was firing nicely with Accuspark plug check and they all ran evenly like a Xmas tree (see pic).Took it for a spin and it goes like a rocket!!!.....no hesitation just nicely and strongly. Going to drive it around for a while as i missed the summer and check the mixture before putting it to bed for winter. Id like to thank everybody and their suggestions to help solve my dilemma, which now is solved. Many thanks Mike
  3. Yes I have a colourtune and used it once or twice but unless you have perfect carburettors it is quite erratic in producing accurate results
  4. Yes timing good. And I have engine oil in the dash pots 👍
  5. To be honest what you’re say is an easy fix, I could drain the fuel and use it in lawnmower…….then just try and get hold of fresh fuel 🤔
  6. No I haven’t yet……..especially with all the petrol pump faff going on. After I’m happy that the ignition element is in order I’ll move to check over for air leaks and then fuel. I replaced the fuel filter. The thing is, it starts and runs/ticks over lovely, when I gradually depress the accelerator all the way to around 4000rpm no misfires only happens when I blip the accelerator erratically. Driving out of my driveway and up the road under acceleration it pops, misfires and holds back, as if someone is depressing the brake!!! hopefully in the next few days I can start eliminating possible causes. mike
  7. Paul all checked and fine mate
  8. Very useful and interesting information there, many thanks. The testing of the coil looks complicated to me, so I’m waiting for my mate to pop over so I can take his coil off and substitute it with mine to see if that is at fault. I did initially start the car with a boost from the battery charger…….so interesting to see if that cooked the EI module in the distributor. The timing is spot on ………..I have checked dozens of times now as it’s got to a point where I keep doubting myself now LOL!!! I think I’ll then proceed to replace spark plugs, ignition leads (copper-less core as recommended using with EI)……………then finally the module. I replaced the distributor because the original one had so much play in it………so that’s why I opted for the EI. As I mentioned before I had it all set up beautifully and did a 1200 mile round trip faultlessly, left it a few months and then the problems began! If the problem still persists after replacing all electrical bits above, I’ll move onto to possible air leaks as suggested above……………classic cars- don’t you just love them
  9. Thanks for that Clive, I have only posted this thread. Yes, I believe you may have a point re new parts and quality, I do have an old coil, so I may dig that out and try with that. The distributer I bought and fitted 2019 together with a new coil. ..................now where did I put it? Mike
  10. Thanks for all the advice above. I did the compression again with butterflies open and got readings 135, 137, 137, 115 starting from the radiator end (front of engine, so marginal differences in reading. I am waiting till Monday to contact www.simonbbc.com who are Powerspark Ignition in Bromsgrove to see if there are issues with the module etc. Although i have read that Powerspark do recommend using non copper cored HT leads, but I think this is more for better performance as opposed to developing faults. Spark plugs are Champion N9YC. I cant find anywhere whether the ignition timing needs to be altered if electronic ignition is fitted, again i will seek guidance from them. The carbs are set up perfectly I believe. The car starts without problems and once at operating temperature it idles without any misfiring. When increasing revs gradually to 3-4000rpm there is no misfire, only a misfire occurs from idle if I blip the accelerator rapidly and sharply. Also there is faint white smoke puffing through the front carburetor when there is a misfire after I blip the accelerator pedal rapidly on and off. Mike
  11. Pete, I will contact Power Spark and ask their advice. Don't have Waxstat luckily!! I note your point about throttle closing re compression test. All things to look into. Again thanks Mike
  12. Pete, Finally found it.......Powerspark Delco type Electronic Distributor. I think ill check all connections at coil as well and get in touch with Powerspark Ignition and see if there have been any known problems with these. Mike
  13. Ahh right.........thanks for that.......gotta be done right! Will try again tomorrow
  14. Pete, I cant remember who's unit it was......trying to find some paperwork. there are no markings on the actual distributor to identify it, will look tomorrow. The distributor has a vacuum take off and mechanical tachometer but with electronic bits inside replacing the condenser and points. I note your comments re spark plugs and will check these. Not sure I understand "throttles open" ? On doing the test, I removed all spark plugs and connected the gauge to each cylinder and allowed 5/6 turns of the engine. Thanks Mike
  15. Hi everyone. I have been a member of the TSSC for about seven years but never used the forum as I have pretty much managed to solve problems that have ever crept up with my Spitfire. I am the second owner of the Spitfire. After restoring it six years ago, I took my partner on a road trip doing the N500 route in Scotland and returning home to Kent via the Lake District - very satisfied at an achievement. The car didn't miss a beat!! Mechanically, the car was sound, engine, gearbox, axle etc etc. The carburetors were overhauled and distributor replaced with an electronic distributor with mechanical tachometer. There was always a minor back fire at high revs, but apart from that it was sound. The car was in the garage for six months since the trip and last week I decided to start it and take it for a run. I always start it and let it warm up to operating temperature then off I went. It misfired on (attempted) acceleration and was a real pig..................it sounded rough as old boots. Back to my garage tools were out, timing checked, carbs checked (adjusted and re balanced). On revving the engine at my garage, a backfire would blow through the rear carburetor and the engine feels like its holding back?. I even did a compression test which more or less matched my original figures when I first tuned it all those many years ago. Readings were Cylinder 1-135, 2-135, 3-145, 4-110 psi. I always had a slight suspicion at cylinder 4 because of a minor oil weep at the back of the cylinder head and engine block mating surfaces - head gasket?. My question is - that with the same compression readings before (when all was well - apart from minor back fire) and now after, it must point to something else. Granted the head gasket maybe gone and the trip progressed that - but there is no oil in the water/radiator? Regarding the carburetors, I only overhauled them using Rimmer Bros kit. Somebody suggested that the carburetor connecting rod bushes may need doing as its impossible to tune the carburetors correctly........this, perhaps could be true as there is some lateral play in the connecting rod? Checking the plugs they all appear sooty - rich mixture, in turn minor lifting of the carburetor piston, the idle remains the same for both carburetors - I assume this is correct?. I want to avoid taking the head off (although I can see this might have to be done to replace the head gasket and check valves) making sure I have covered all other avenues first. I wonder if there is an experienced classic car tuner in the Kent area that I could contact re tuning the carburetors? Any way, any advise or comments would be very helpful in trying to solve the issue. Thanking you all in advance
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