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    1970 Triumph Herald 1200 - Hetty; 1955 Morris Minor Traveller - Elsie May; 1954 Morris Minor 4 door - Sally

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  1. That's why I'll wait until it arrives, I have an idea in my head, seeing the adapter in the flesh (so to speak) will help to clarify things. I have an SU already, which will help me visualise the idea and clarify certain details but this is off a Marina, so orientated the other way round and destined for my Traveller anyway. Best wishes, Mike.
  2. That would be an interesting look.... Though more relaxing with regards to potential head banging...... Best wishes, Mike.
  3. Not sure about the reutilisation of the original rear windscreen on that one though...... I would have thought at that angle the driver and passenger would be at risk of regularly bumping their heads on it whenever they sat back in their seats. Mark Twain officially died in 1910, so he must be ghost writing under an assumed name these days................... Best wishes, Mike.
  4. Once it arrives I'll be looking for a suitable SU, ex-classic Mini perhaps, I beleive they are the right way round for the Herald set up (after linkage adaption). I bought it for the adapter anyway, never been a fan of Strombergs any more than Solex. If it works I'll sell the Stromberg on as a seperate item. Best wishes, Mike.
  5. And won it! 😁 Not cheap though........... Bit of last minute (literally) bidding, so someone else wanted it too....... Best wishes, Mike.
  6. Triumph Herald pick-up, for sale (needs restoration): https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1340330 This advert is nothing to do with me by the way, I just wondered whether this is genuine or a converted estate car? Best wishes, Mike.
  7. I'd never heard about it until you mentioned it, where do I need to look for it? Best wishes, Mike.
  8. Thanks Colin, I'm now watching it. Best wishes, Mike.
  9. Hi, I spotted this kit for a Land Rover SU conversion but would the base be too big? Best wishes, Mike.
  10. I have created a 'wanted' ad, which should appear in next months mag and on this site but if there is no response I will create a post, as you suggest, in the hope that someone on here will read it on this forum, who may have missed (or not been looking for it) it in the mag or wanted section of this site. Best wishes, Mike.
  11. That's what I was hoping from the start, not that I'd have felt too guilty for deleting it when she gets a bottom half respray but from what you say I will be putting it back to as she left the factory. I'd still prefer a dark blue interior but that can wait, especially as the black ones in such good condition (no tears or anything). Unless of course someone out there has a blue interior and wants to swap it to black? Best wishes, Mike.
  12. Okay but the stripe still looks to be of poorer quality (in terms of the actual spraying) that the main blue body colour and there are chips revealing good blue underneath. Plus there is white overspray on the underside of the chome side strips. Or was the above standard?? Best wishes, Mike.
  13. I have finally got round to checking out the commission plate, the paint code was '26', nothing else, so was just Wedgewood Blue origionally and the white stripe was an add on by a later owner. The trim code states '11' I think that's black but can someone else confirm or otherwise? Thanks. Best wishes, Mike.
  14. Hi, Having thought about all that has been said above, I then remembered / considered a solution which I had already used in a 1963 two door Morris Minor I once owned. In that I replaced the foxed original mirror with a better one, sourced on eBay, originally fitted to an MGB. I got the idea when replacing a rear view mirror in an MG BGT that I owned at the same time. What I realised with the Minor was that the ball size of the MGB and the Minor were the same. So having purchased one and prised out the MGB stem with ball still attached, I pressed it onto the MInor stem (still in place with old mirror removed). You need to properly and firmly support and cushion the mirror during both removal of the old stem and fitment onto the Morris one. So I have acquired an MG Midget rear view mirror with a really good mirror glass in it (again off eBay) and popped out the Midget stem and ball (done with them still screwed together, to provide leveredge on the ball in the mirrors socket). I then found a good period looking grey (Ford Polar Grey) to go with my original grey Triumph stem, that was not too dissimilar in shade to the original Triumph mirror I was replacing. Plus some 'plastic primer' (both readily available from Halfords). I then masked off the mirror and resprayed its black plastic body grey. Once cured I fitted it onto the Triumphs stem. To find that the Triumph ball is smaller than the Midget socket....... 🙄 Solution, one small rubber grommet, pressed into the replacement mirrors socket. Once (now firmly) pressed back onto the Triumph stems ball I have an adjustable mirror, that stays where it's adjusted to..... 😄 And a much greater (and unfoxed) field of rearward vision. Result! 😁 Best wishes, Mike.
  15. Thanks Pete, It's best to grease Minors with the front wheels off the ground too. Everyone has been underlining this point and it has been taken on board, when I do them the front will be raised. As to whether I will need to clean out old grease or not I don't know yet, time will tell..... Best wishes, Mike.
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