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  1. Fair enough, I would have needed to know this soon anyway, for when I take my wheels off to change the tyres, so it's good (if a little surprising) to know. Best wishes, Mike.
  2. That seems a rather low torque for wheel nuts? Best wishes, Mike.
  3. I spoke to the club office this morning, the tickets will be going out in the post to people within the next few days.
  4. Might be worth raising this as a 'Topic' on here Ed. I'm going to try to ring the club on Monday and find out what's happening. Best wishes, Mike.
  5. Okay. Bingham is not far at all, so if you can let me have a contact number I'll pop over on the Friday (morning or afternoon?) and I'll be able to call you when I'm getting close. I've had both my shots (55 this year) in case you were wondering. Best wishes, Mike.
  6. Hi, Just a quick question here, in case I have to recut the thread on the stud which secures my spare wheel in position in the well, what is the thread size of Herald wheel nuts? Many thanks, Mike.
  7. Regarding the nuts, thanks, I thought when you said you had a dozen (12) you had already seaprated them out. However, even if you only have one spare (that I could use for the spare), this would still be great. Do you mean the joint Triumph / MG weekend? I have booked a ticket for the Saturday. Oddly the club has sent me a confirmation note but no ticket as yet??............ Best wishes, Mike.
  8. If they're surplus to your needs and it's okay I'd have a set (4), as spares for the Herald, plus 1 for the spare, so 5 altogether. Obviously I'd cover postage. How much would you want for them? Best wishes, Mike.
  9. To update this, I managed to get hold of a spare wheel cover, the only one on eBay at the time. It was a bit warped, so I glued the smaller 'hand made' one, that had been made up by a previous owner, to the underside. I 'weighted' the whole thing down whilst the glue set, so it is now thicker, stronger and, most importantly, flat! 😃 I then redrilled the holes for the rubber 'feet'. I have cut the stems that feed through the holes, as they will now be too short and not feed through anymore, I intend to 'reconnect' the two halves with Tigerseal. I have also resprayed it with satin black from Halfords, so when done it will hopefully look fairly standard. I am now looking for the spin on 'thingy' that holds the spare wheel in place. The stud is still welded in place in the boot and the thread looks okay (I have tap & die sets if not) but there is no spinner. Does anybody have a spare up for grabs? If someone sees one for sale please let me know. Cheers. Best wishes, Mike.
  10. There I am open to suggestions Pete. I have run these successfully on a Morris Minor fitted with a 1275 engine in the past, using the needle it comes with. I will try it 'as is' on the Herald and see if I can get it running happily. However, (as above) if someone thinks it will run better on a specific replacement needle I will get hold of one and keep it in readyness. Best wishes, Mike.
  11. Hi, Well I've now adapted the SU to fit the carb adapter. I simply 'elongated' the holes in the SU (ex-Mini) with a round file, so that it mates comfortably with the Adapter. I adapted the carb as there are plenty of these Mini carbs around (at present), so that I could keep the Adapeter unaltered, as these are like 'hens teeth'. I then sourced a couple of (ex-Morris Minor) studs to screw into the adapter, put the two together with a sandwich of gaskets and a spacer, tightened up the nuts, checked that the 'flow' hole lined up and Bob's your Uncle! 🙂 Best wishes, Mike.
  12. Being Hetty's a 1970 car it is probably the issue with an addendum that she would have been supplied with then. The one without this addendum might suit the owner of an earlier car. At least that seems logical to me....................... Either way the spare is free to whoever needs one. Best wishes, Mike.
  13. Hi, On collecting Hetty a few months back I was given a stack of paperwork, detailing amongst other things her previous owners, a Workshop Manual, always useful, as I have found with my Morris's, plus a Triumph Herald 1200 Owners Repair Manual (did other manufacturers provide these?) and two Herald 1200 - 12/50 Handbooks. The owners repair manual is a brilliant little book, mine even has the original dust cover, albeit moth-eaten. I have just laminated this to keep it together. It has saved me asking about basic things like jacking points, where to put axel stands and the retightening sequence for the head stud nuts, so far. The Herald handbooks are both 6th editions, both have the red stamped 'Impotant Notice' paragraph, however one has an 'Addendum for page 36' (again red stamped), is there any significance about this? Or is it simply the case that they made an error and then re-issued the 6th edition with the addendum stamped below the 'Important Notice' inside the front cover? Obviously a cheaper option than editing page 36 itself.................🙄😄 Either way I don't need two copies, so I am happy to pass the 'slightly tatty' one (the one without the addendum) onto anyone who would like a handbook for their Herald 1200 - 12/50 but hasn't got one, for free (I can't imagine it will cost me much to post it). All I will need is the name and address of anyone who's interested. Best wishes, Mike.
  14. This is good news, as the inner stud is the one I was hoping to undo, though I note what you say. Some heat may be required then. I am not worried about the heat damaging the pump itself, as I have a replacement, which I was planning to install when I flush the system out anyway. I shall approach it with care. As to the thermostat housing, what I meant was it is was good to have one with the position in place, although blanked off, as the housings without this seem more common and it gives me the option of drilling and tapping it for another car in the future, should I need to. With this in mind what thread size is required for the tap? Best wishes, Mike.
  15. Well, having had a hunt I came up with these on the Rimmer site: https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-144297U https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-144297A As you advised, the thermostat housings are like rocking horse poo (Triumph or Fiesta Mk1). Anyway, I thought I'd have a look under my bonnet to fix my current set up in my head, before making a purchase........ And got a very pleasant surprise, it seems I am spoilt for choice! 😃 For simplicity I will undo one of the nuts in the water pump housing and screw in my sender there. I say 'simplicity' but we'll see how easily it is undone.............. Best wishes, Mike.
  16. Thanks for all the replies and information, I now know what I need to be hunting for and will start trawling. Needless to say and as you have already advised me this may be a long hunt, if anyone is browsing and spots one please let me have a link to it. I've always thought that water temp and oil pressure are the two basic gauges that we all need to be aware of what the engine is doing, plus hopefully be warned in time to avert any engine damage. Best wishes, Mike.
  17. Hi, Does the 1200 engine have a water temp sender unit? If not where is the best location for one / what solutions have others come up with? Many thanks, Mike.
  18. Something for Herald fans, well it made me smile............ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111566431298?hash=item19f9e0a442:g:Hr4AAOSwU91acjW5 Best wishes, Mike.
  19. Went for these instead, still quite a good price: https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjj14-91vvxAhUNgVAGHTzOBLoYABAQGgJkZw&ae=2&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQeD28ntAzY2sEuflsei1P-g_z0TL5gWKRfMRZb9qsiORE2ZyfC_Dsnq5SouqwLBRbYhOgYZBg7xmDDTZFKKiUjwR&sig=AOD64_1vZtAw8YEcnaEkPKMN9_HG-9kJAw&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjc0Ie91vvxAhVNPcAKHUqKCiAQ9aACegQIARB7&adurl= Thanks for your input. Best wishes, Mike.
  20. I should have gone ahead and bought them straight away. I can only assume the price was an error, as when i now click on the link I get a message come up stating: The product you have requested is not currently displayed within our site.It may have been moved, re-listed, being currently updated or has been discontinued. Probably meaning someone has spotted the mistake. 😒 Correct me if I'm wrong but if I had and had succeded in paying for them at that price they would have been obliged to supply them, as if an item is displayed and labled at a certain price in a shop the shop is then obliged by law to honour that price, even if it's a mistake. Oh, well, back to normal prices then............ C'est la vie......
  21. Going through one of my usual sources and looking through the list of 155/80 R13's available I found these: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m73b0s359p157743/Continental_Tyres_Car_Continental_ContiEcoContact_6_Continental_Conti_Eco_Contact_6_-_155_80_R13_79T_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_C_Wet_Grip%3A_B_NoiseClass%3A_2_Noise%3A_70dB I have used this site before and am happy to do so again, however I thought Continental were a well known brand, yet these are really cheap and the 'ratings' are as good as the others listed, better than quite a few: C for fuel efficiency; B for wet weather adhesion and 70db noise rating. So can anyone give me a good reason not to buy these? Best wishes, Mike.
  22. Hi, I will be needing some fresh rubber for my Triumph Herald very shortly, this is the first set I will have bought for her, so I just wondered if there was a 'recommended' tyre for these cars? The size fitted at present is 155/80 R13 and she sports standard steel wheels, which she will be retaining, as I prefer the look. I don't mind if there is more than one recommendation, as I can then weigh them up and hunt down the best priced option. I can get them fitted and balanced very reasonably locally, at the same place that does my Morris Minors, which usually gives me better options on prices, as I'm just looking for tyres and won't be tied to what a fitting shop can do for me. Many thanks, Mike.
  23. Thanks for that, an obvious solution I know but I've not had wheel trims before, so wondered if some were simply a bad fit. Anyway I took a pair of grips and 'adjusted' the inner rim edge, which the hubcap sits slightly over, outward and then refitted it. Instant result! 😃 It now fits tightly, so hopefully no more annoying rattles when I'm driving, well from that anyway................ Best wishes, Mike.
  24. Hi, Does anyone have suggestions as to how to stop my drivers side front wheel trim from rattling when the car is in motion? The rest are tight, retained snugly by the hubcaps but not this one.😒 Is it simply the case that I will have to replace it? Though my concern there would be that the replacement might rattle also and I'd be back to square one. Many thanks, Mike.
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