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  1. Sad you may say, but I’m scanning in old photos, currently the GT6. Here’s a shot when I replaced the rear nearside wing. I wondered when I did this as it must have been the mid-80s so flipped the photo over to see if I’d written the date on the back to find… ...the second photo. I mean, it's not as if I couldn't have worked this out. 🤔
  2. I had a similar low riding issue with my swing spring years ago. Taking the boys to school it would bottom out over a hump back bridge (depending on speed). I had several inspections underneath and all looked fine. It wasn't until I lifted the wheel while the car was in the air (simulating its on road set up) that I spotted a hair-line crack. When I removed the spring it fell to pieces! As Pete mentioned, it's unlikely to be shocker, the purpose of which is to damp the oscillation on the spring which is suspending the car.
  3. At my school we had a free standing paraffin stove in each classroom for warmth. After a few years the school inspectors insisted a big cage was placed over each stove for safety. Screwed to the floor these became excellent prisons during the summer months when the stoves were stored elsewhere for some poor soul was caught off guard.
  4. My '73 GT6 had these originally but when I replaced the sills back in the late 80's I didn't replace them. The school of thought then was that the metal channel used to hold the seal also acted as a water trap. I also didn't replace the trim along the bottom of the sills for the same reasons. However I did keep them in case I decided to add them back on. I saw them when tiding up the garage only last month. In other word I still can't decide after 34 years; I don't like to rush these decisions.
  5. You may be pleased to know that your hard work got me back on the forum. I confess I hadn't realised that they was such a goldmine of tips & information. Currently ploughing my way through old threads!
  6. In the mid 80s I would regularly ask my wife if she'd want to travel up from Hampshire to visit her mother in Coventry. She soon realised my goal wasn't to see the MiL but to see John Kipping and his spares which which were ½ mile away.
  7. Alas Ian the stockpile is long gone, now all fitted to the car. Still it was good whilst is lasted.
  8. Now that's a great tip. Never thought to do that but like the logic.
  9. Thanks for the welcome all. We used to say that at the time!, but it was all legit m'lud. At the time a pair of rear wings retailed at £150; mine cost £28 including VAT. (Actually that was Spitfire wings so I had to do some fettling for the petrol filler.) Yes, I thought that when I selected the photo but it's just a reflection of the gravel in the (shiny) sill. My daughter-in-law (aka Mrs GT) wanted to turn up to her wedding in RMM until my wife suggested she'd get grease on her dress. The cheek!
  10. As part of my rehabilitation to things Triumph I thought I’d introduce myself, although arguably I’ve not been away. I bought my GT6 MkIII some 36 years ago and have been a member of the TSSC ever since. We bought in RMM in the year 3 bc - before children - and it was our only means of transport until 1988. The first child dented finances and so RMM went into the garage for a complete restoration. My father in law worked as Unipart at the time and through him I built up a stockpile of parts. Between 1990 & 2000 I slowing stripped the car down and repaired/replaced most panels and overhauled the mechanical parts. Mike at MW Restoration did a super paint job. Originally magenta RMM was black when I bought it, but for the respray my colour consultant told me it had to be damson or she wouldn’t ride in it again. Back on the road I found a rear seat conversion and the two boys loved being taken to school in the “Six”. Amusingly (well to me anyway) the nickname given to the elder boy by his scout troop was “GT”, a moniker he still has to this day. The younger one somewhat inevitably was called “Spitfire” when he joined. In 2003 I bought a Lotus and the Six was wrapped up safely in the garage. RMM appeared for the occasional wash and ride and this went on until 2020. With retirement approaching I decided to sell RMM and put the proceeds into buying a kit car. Fortunately on actually retiring in August 2020 sense prevailed and I abandoned theis plan and will now be putting my efforts into getting RMM running as our second car. So, as I’m coming to the end of some house projects, RMM will be getting my full attention in summer 2021. And if Tom Hartley Cambridge AO reads this, I promise I will be attending the meets when we can get out.
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