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  1. On this subject, can anyone advise what socket should fit the block coolant drain plug? I have tried various but none seem to get enough purchase to undo it.
  2. Sending a child out in the street with a carving knife 😱, you would have an armed response unit attend now 😒
  3. I remember being incensed by a piece in the local newspaper about an elderly man (53) being knocked off his bicycle 😡
  4. I found some more
  5. Really, I will have to read through these now and see if I can find that lol
  6. Pete, just to clarify my understanding, am I correct in thinking the thermostat temp quoted is when it starts to open and it won't be fully open until it gets maybe 10 Deg hotter?
  7. Hi Pete. My thinking was coolant temperature at the top hose is a function of the heat of the water going in at the bottom + the heat generated by the engine. So if the temp of the water leaving the rad is ok there is no point cooling it further with a fan. If the engine output goes up or the forward motion isn't sufficient to cool then the water leaving the rad might get too hot which will make the engine hotter still so the fan will cut in to maintain a constant returning water temp and hopefully control engine temp. It seems to work so far but if I find it doesn't do the job adequately I will change it. 🤔
  8. I am still glad I was a young person when I was instead of being one today 🤔
  9. How awful, you might be able to claim compensation for the stress and worry that must have caused you. Forcing young people to recognise that actions can lead to consequences is pretty much child abuse 🙄
  10. Helping my Mum have a clear out and found a box of Essex Countryside magazines from 1959 onwards. Fascinating, not least because the rear of several of them has a full page Standard Triumph advert.
  11. Good grief, that bit of paper says supercharged 420+BHP. My friends one was a 1970 US car but he has ditched all that emission control nonsense & had it rebuilt to largely earlier UK spec with some mild tuning & balancing. He was told it should be producing getting on for 300bhp and that felt fairly "brisk". God knows what the supercharged one is like 😱
  12. I thought a typical running temperature was in the region of 90/95C
  13. That's the way to get young people to learn things. There's no substitute for practical experience 👍
  14. Just to update my original post, after fitting the correct sender I let the engine come up to operating temp with the rad cap off & a thermometer inserted. I could see a slight flow of coolant into the top of the rad from about 75C & then a rush of it just over 80C as the thermostat opened. At this point the temp gauge was now reading a little below normal. Replaced the cap and went for a drive, adjusting the electric fan to cut in as soon as the gauge registered above normal. With a bit of fine tuning the fan mostly only comes on when the road speed is below 30 mph and cuts out soon after speed increases again. The electric fan sensor is in the bottom hose and after getting my adjustment right while driving, it was set dead on 85C. it was like this for my entire 125 mile journey over mixed roads yesterday and the temp gauge only moved a fraction either side of normal, so I believe all is ok 👍
  15. I believe most people fit into either of those categories and many in-between, depending what the subject matter is. Some are brilliant in their specialist field but bl**dy useless in other things, many of which are a lot more useful or important.
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