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  1. Because it's not standard I don't think I can clamp it there. The pipe passes directly under the diff centerline with only a few mm clearance. The silencer is held solidly though and doesn't move at all. Think I need to look at the entire system and make a plan.
  2. Many thanks both. My car has a non standard exhaust with the silencer secured to the boot floor underside by 4 bolts with rubber cushions. And that's it, nothing between that and the manifold. Clearly one supporting the Y of the downpipe makes sense and probably another between that and the silencer. Despite this though, I have been away for the weekend, covering over 150 miles and my temporary manifold/downpipe repair has lasted ok. Think I need to decide what I'm going to do and get/make all the bits before sorting the entire exhaust properly.
  3. Ahh, yes. Looks like I need the exhaust mounting bracket which it says is no longer available. Will have to try and make something suitable. Temp repair now in place and continues to seal after car driven about 20 miles. I think I may need to take it out again later, just to be sure it's ok 🤔
  4. Ok, thanks. I will try and find details of how it should be done.
  5. It's not currently and I was thinking it should be. Where does the bracket attach? Is it actually to a bellhousing bolt?
  6. I'm thinking I will look out for a used standard manifold and get new studs/bolts etc. Taking all the above advice into account.
  7. Yes, I should have clarified that it is the manifold to downpipe joint blowing and the front corner of the manifold flange has cracked across the hole.
  8. Ok, I have taken a look and getting the nuts/studs out wasn't a problem because none of them were tight, despite me tightening all of them a couple of months ago. I suspect this may be the problem🤔. On inspecting further I found a distinct lack of lock washers, and in fact the middle fixing was a nut and bolt that was too short to have any fitted. Also, the front hole in the manifold had a crack across the hole and the corner fell off when the nut was loosened. I prised the joint apart a few mm and forced gun gum all around, fitted new bolt & wagers and everything had tightened up, even the damaged corner. I will tape it up & try it later but wondering now if I will need a new manifold 😒.
  9. Spit 1500 manifold gasket blown and replacement ordered but had planned to use car this weekend. Has anyone had any experience of any product or "bodge" to make a temporary, effective repair for a few days? Is "Gun Gum" (which I already have) up to the job?
  10. Now fitted and made a massive difference
  11. Switch rebuilt again, properly, and now working perfectly 👍
  12. That doesn't concern me too much. I don't think I have ever actually looked at the arrows when deciding which way to move the stalk lol.
  13. Think I could live with that, lol. I might not need a new switch now, anyway. Dismantled the old one and cleaned it all while still on the car. Unfortunately, during reassembly, while holding 2 springs compressed, my finger slipped and one of these little white plastic pieces flew away over my head. As expected, I couldn't find it but continued putting it back together after which it worked, but the indicator switch didn't latch. Today, I went to open the boot a Tesco's & found the tiny part stuck to the side of the petrol filler cap. But the cap wasn't noticeably sticky and I had taken the car out twice since the part disappeared, covering about 20 miles. Very strange, but having found it, I will try stripping down again and including it this time. With that amount of luck I have high hopes 👍
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