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  1. Sounds like they are better than the ones I currently have lol
  2. "I like it stiff up front and a soggy bottom!" My Wife is the same lol
  3. I'm not happy with the front tyres on my Spit. Too wide & some budget brand I have never heard of. Local tyre place is recommending Falkens and they are certainly a good price. Has anyone used them on a Spitfire and if so, how were they?
  4. The classics are a black finish and have a classics logo on them
  5. The ones I saw were about £30 a pair less expensive. It does say "designed to bring modern technology to older cars" but doesn't explain if they are different to the normal Konis.
  6. I want to replace the shockers on my Spit and while I have heard multiple positive reports for Konis, I would appreciate any feedback on other brands. Obviously Gaz & Spax but also seen Avo specifically marketed as well suited. Also, has anyone fitted Koni Classics and if so, what is the difference compared to a normal Koni?
  7. Just a (hopefully🤞) final update to this thread. Despite all the previous actions taken I was still getting some popping on the overun, although it was greatly improved. However, as stated on another thread, I found my vacuum advance was seized and after replacing it the popping has now stopped altogether. Makes sense I suppose 🤔. Just wish I had thought about it earlier.
  8. Bought a new vacuum advance unit for £8.50 from Powerspark Ignition and the car is transformed. Much livelier and can now get a consistent tickover👍 Many thanks for all advice offered.
  9. Removed the vac advance and even applying force in the garage I can't get the actuator to move more than a couple of mm. I am sourcing another one.
  10. Ok, that makes a lot more sense and would appear to reflects what I am actually seeing. I just need to sort out the vac advance now. Many thanks 👍
  11. Since I last posted I have dismantled further & the weights have 8 stamped on them which I believe means they give a max of 8 Deg distributor advance which would be 16 Deg at the crank. Add the 10deg static advance and that gives 26 Deg which I don't think is enough. Reading online suggests the weights should say 14 which would give a max crank advance of 38deg (14x2)+10 I would buy a replacement if certain I was getting the correct part but can't find any 45d dizzys specifying different advance curves or any availability of different weights. Just one generic for all applications.
  12. Ok, after further investigation I have applied vacuum with a syringe and there is slight movement but no noticeable change in timing if I do this when looking with the strobe light. Also, although the timing does advance with increased revs it's not as much as I was expecting. I have found a reference for the advance curve of a spit 1500 which suggests the following and wondered if anyone can confirm this
  13. Many thanks. I will investigate further.
  14. Yes, the baseplate moved manually. Perhaps I'm not sucking hard enough 🤢 If it's the vac mechanism itself, can anything be done?
  15. Just want to confirm that I should noticeably see the dizzy baseplate move if I suck on the vac tube? It isn't doing so, although I have lubricated everything & the vac operating rod is free to move. Assuming I should be seeing movement, is there anything else I can try doing to it?
  16. Yes, thank you 👍. This tied in with what I read about it being a factory rebuilt short block.
  17. Thanks. It's no big deal really, just interested lol
  18. Actually, the engine seems to be in pretty good shape and I am wondering if it is feasible that it could be the original silver seal replacement or as I had previously assumed, a more recent rebuild.
  19. Just wondering 🙄
  20. My Spitfire's engine number has a suffix of ESS which I have recently been led to believe means it was a factory exchange "silver seal" engine. Does anyone know if records exist to identify when it was re-conditioned/supplied or failing that, when these stopped being available? Many thanks
  21. Wonder what they would go like with a Rapier Holbay engine fitted 🤔
  22. Ha ha, I just remember them being everywhere in the 80s, especially all the BT ones (I think). They looked unstable at any speed but looks can be deceptive, I guess.
  23. I had to leave just after 6 and looking at their Facebook page quite a few more cars turned up, including another Stag
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