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    Vitesse Mk2 Convertible restoration project. Previously Spitfire Mk3, Herald 13/60 Convertible, Herald 1200 Estate, Vitesse Mk2 Convertible, Stag.

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  1. Previous owner spent a lot of time and money on the mechanicals. Unfortunately not enough attention on the body and chassis. New rotoflexes and poly bushes in 2019. Is the CV conversion an alternative to rotoflex? Checking out the Differential, Overdrive, Gearbox and Engine is possibly beyond my expertise, tools and patience. As everything is 52 years old, maybe best to get it checked out by experts before reassembly. Steve
  2. Now I have all the body off (despite Mr Rust) my Vitesse Mk2 Convertible and have a rolling chassis. Have to get everything off the chassis so it can be blasted and repaired. Previously a MOT failure due to chassis rust. I'm intending to start at the back and gradually work forward. Any tips for what not to do? Differential, Overdrive, Gearbox and Engine will all be sent to specialists for inspection. Thanks Steve
  3. WD40 didn't have any effect. Tried Plus Gas and finally managed to get the knob off.
  4. Had to drill out or cut off all the fasteners for the quarter lights as mostly rusted. Now just have to get the glass out, left to soak. All the seals for the doors will have to be replaced as deteriorated. This 52 year old lady is putting up a fight.
  5. Useful information above. I'm just about to strip down both quarterlights to replace the 2 seals for each. Rimmer has the main seal listed as 803558/9 at £73.20 for the pair. No information on the seal around the glass itself. Any suggestions for any more economic sources? Steve
  6. The internal bracket held a pivot point for the winder mechanism. Held by 2 rivits and 4 spot welds! Now all stripped down. (Hi to NZ)
  7. Thanks for info. The Service Training Notes also show a few differences to the 2 Workshop Manuals. Part of the winder mechanism has a bracket spot welded on which I will have to drill out. I will post some pics when it is all dismantled to maybe help others. (Adrian - other Eastbourne - car or town?) Steve
  8. So neither Workshop Manual exactly described my door. Convertible manufactured in 1968 and registered in 1969. Must have been a real pig to assemble these doors! Took 3 hours to get it all apart. The window is stuck solid to the channel and the plastic curtain has been ripped off at some time. The winder mechanism is still fixed to the panel by 2 small welded on studs? Now I know how it all works, I will take a lot more photos and notes when I strip the RHS Door. Not looking forward to reassembly.
  9. Answered my own question with some more internet research! 2 Workshop Manuals available online as .pdfs: Triumph Herald 1200, 12/50, Vitesse and Spitfire WM 417 pages, c1964/5; Triumph GT6 and Vitesse 2-litre WM 627 pages. Very useful resource. Steve
  10. Continuing saga of my Mk2 Vitesse Convertible restoration. Are there any detailed descriptions for dismantling the doors? The Haynes Manual is a bit lightweight on this subject. The doors will be blasted and repainted, along with the rest of the bodywork. Steve
  11. WD40 didn't have any effect on Mr Rust. All 3 bolts were cut off with a Reciprocating Saw. The front bulkhead has now been lifted clear of the chassis.
  12. Continuing saga of my Mk2 Vitesse Convertible stripdown. The rear tub and bonnet have been removed from the chassis. The front bulkhead has had everything stripped off it. Separating it from the chassis is proving difficult. Mr Rust fought me with the rear tub, same with the bulkhead. The front 2 (painted) bolts came off with some help from a nut extractor. The RHS had one 11/16 nut at the bottom and one 13mm bolt at the bottom, these both eventually came off, although the remaining bolt is rusted solid between the bulkhead and chassis. The LHS had 2 11/16 nuts, both of which snapped off, leaving 2 rusted bolts again. The amount of dirt that has fallen out of the chassis is enough to start a garden centre! Plenty of WD40 on the rusted bolts and both sides slightly jacked up to add some pressure. Will leave it for a couple of days. Any other suggestions please? Steve
  13. Hi Peter I have recently started a Vitesse Mk2 Convertible body off chassis rebuild. The front inertia reels are located on the wheel arches. Suggest you protect the nuts and washers on the underside, as mine were rusted and difficult to remove. There wasn't any problem with reach of the belts. Steve
  14. The knob on my master light switch is also stuck on. Definitely spring loaded and soaking in WD40. Hopefully will eventually come off.
  15. Not in the rear wheel arches. Maybe the handbrake guide was cut out of another tub.
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