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  1. Well finally bit the bullet and fitted them ,found a set I bought 14 years ago in my spares box Spent a few days trying different places to mount and think I have found the best place for vision and not obstructing the 1/4 lights opening. went out and bought a 17/64 HSS bit to get a snug fit and once drilled touched up the holes with a little etch primer with a paint brush. I think they look good Keith
  2. I don't know what car soy have but on spitfires and GT6 their is lots of adjustment when bolting the window winder frames back into the doors and it is a case of trial and error to get the window adjustment right before fitting the door cards
  3. Yes its the Glass to hatch rubber I need . I found a good match for the original hatch to body seal a few years ago at the NEC auto jumble as I took a sample of the original seal with me as it is off set, most of the suppliers sell one which isn't I have included the photo of the body to hatch seal Keith
  4. Where is the best place to buy a rear hatch glass rubber . I want the best quality one I can get .The one I fitted when I rebuilt the car cracked on one radius shortly after fitting and I have recently bought a better condition rear sundyne rear hatch glass and want to fit it .I am a little out of touch with suppliers Regards Keith
  5. Hi Jeremy I think the part number for the item your referring to is 613350 .If you can get me the dimensions I dont think it would be very difficult to make one I have some plate and a metal folder it just looks like a box with out turned flanges and a oblong hole for the check strap to pass through and two holes for the pop rivets which hold the check strap spring Keith
  6. Hi Please find images of both H frames I have spare how's £10.00 for the one with foam or £15.00 for the one with the vinyl still on plus postage at cost. Also included photo of my GT6 Regards Keith
  7. Hi Jeremy Have found two one with the cover on and one with out will post pictures shortly i bought several job lots of parts when rebuilding my Gt6
  8. Yes spitfire 1500 and Mk3 GT6 same part .I may have a spare one in my odds and sods Regards keith R
  9. I have just bought these and the quality looks good . The original ones seem to fade very quickly so thought I would try these . Ok they are a slight move away from standard but I think they add a touch of class. Has anyone else fitted them Regards Keith
  10. Thanks for the reply's. I will try the club shop first in a week or two .I always like to buy from the club if I can, as they say use it or loose it Regards Keith
  11. Thanks for the tips .Will do as you say and get an assistant to help. next is do I go for chrome or black mirrors, door handles and bumpers chrome but top wing finisher black Also which is the best make to buy quality more important than price. Keith
  12. I am thinking of fitting door mirrors to my Mk3 GT6 . it has an overtaking mirror on the quarter light frame but I would like to replace this with a pair of the later spitfire BL oblong ones like I had on my spitfire but am wondering about the correct position as it has quarter lights unlike the spitfire, does anyone have photos and fitting dimension's for drilling Regards Keith
  13. I can maybe take some photos this weekend Regards Keith
  14. Thanks for that I will set it to a loose 10 thou Regards Keith
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