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  1. I've asked in my message to the seller whether we could take the car to a local garage, have it MOTd and then do a quick inspection afterwards - I'll look in the usual places and upload some pics here for more experienced eyes.
  2. True - although some barely drivable ones have been selling for rather too much. I've messaged the seller of the very original and tidy looking 1963 TR4 on carandclassic just now, apparently had it for the past 48 years so should know everything about it. If I could get one like it I'd keep it as-is and wouldn't bother with any mods.
  3. Thanks, I keep meaning to ring people up, but just as I'm about to I always see something a little more enticing. I wonder what's going to happen to the market over the next few months now that no-one's been really selling over winter due to the usual reasons.
  4. That bulkhead looks decidedly more uneven than the paintwork - someone will still have it now the sun's come out! Insane that someone's asking that money for any Herald convertible, especially one with a tired looking interior and surface rust alluding to a lack of diligence in ownership. Either that or they've decided to spray it on as thick as they can to avoid the time it takes to put a second coat on. I lamentably did something similar earlier this year spraying a coffee table which I now regret every time I look at it.
  5. Thanks for the heads up Andy, I might be going that way in a couple of weeks so might postpone until then, looks like it needs a few little bits done, but no obvious clangers in the pictures. I saw this very tidy example 1963 TR4 On the carandclassic site today - probably well worth a trip up to Warwickshire, looking very original with all the desirables and the same owner since 1972, which hopefully means there'll be a good deal of information about the quality of restoration it's seen in the last 20 years or so. Another interesting one across the Thames from me 1964 TR4 A little bit too modified for my liking, and the price is a little high, panel gaps may be off judging from photos (although polybushed) I'm quite tempted to sit on my hands for another week, see how much this one sells for at auction and then take it from there, as a few much more promising looking cars have come onto my radar after a few months of pretty much nothing at all.
  6. Thanks Andy, I'll get in touch later - do you have a link to what you saw beforehand? Checking the MOT history reveals nothing since 2018 which is an awfully long time for a car in regular use.
  7. Any ideas on the '3' theme?
  8. What a beauty! I need a nights sleep, but this looks a good deal more promising.
  9. Link please? I can't seem to find it... To be honest, I'm taking a brief hiatus from my search for the next few days to deal with a crisis of conscience regarding Austin Healey Sprites 🙃 .
  10. 1967 Triumph TR4A IRS It looks quite tidy in the photos (although there are a few little aesthetic infelicities that won't be hard to fix - I can respray the dash myself), the panel gaps look good, it has some modifications that appeal to me (although the proof will be in the viewing of course), I'm going to give the seller a call tonight and run through the usual points. Ideally I would want to get some high resolution photos of the cars underneath before travelling some 60 miles or so to view.
  11. Good morning everyone, After a couple of threads asking for second pairs of eyes on cars I've been viewing, I thought I might start a rolling thread to share my thoughts and some of the photos that I take viewing TR4s and possibly GT6s (although these aren't representing good value for money at the moment from my perspective). I'm on the lookout for a TR4/A first and foremostly preferably original looking but with a few little modifications out of immediate sight to bring the 0-60 time under the 10 second mark or so and give a little enhancement to the driving experience while still retaining an authentic feel. I've viewed a couple of TR4s already and they all spoke to me, but unfortunately had issues that would have made them uneconomical for me to bring them up to a standard I would be happy with (very good - not concours). I've had my eye on this one for a while
  12. I'll give them a call today. It's a G reg and I think these command a bit of a premium. The chrome looks like it might want re-doing but the panel gaps look good. I'll start a new thread 'cars I'm viewing'.
  13. I hope so, it's just a case of time and diligence... I'm quite enjoyed improving my knowledge looking at these cars over the last 6 months. If I can just find an excellent TR4/TR6/GT6 I swear I'll never look at those ads again! This 1969 TR6 less than half an hours drive away from me seems like a good one to look at next.
  14. I'm quite happy with this - I like the character of these old cars. Too many nagging doubts on this one, I've let the seller know that I'm no longer interested and thanked him for his time and honesty. My budget is around the 25k mark - I keep a 'disaster fund' of about 5k to hand at all times so would be happy to get a car in better condition and then spend a bit on it as and when. I've found that expecting things to go wrong and making provision in advance has always been beneficial to me and is now very much a life habit. I think 18k is probably about right for the car I saw - but I feel it's not the right car for me. I'm looking for something with a really solid body and chassis so I can do all the little things myself. Too much of a project for me I think - I'm willing to spend a good deal of time and money (as you have to) but it's just a little too much for me here after reviewing everything after a nights sleep. The problem is that they all 'talk to me' when I view them. I just have too many nagging doubts about this one today. I'm more looking for a 'pride-and-joy maintainer' than a 'project'. This is the first TR4 that I've seen in a long time.
  15. Oops.... How do we rank this one though?
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