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  1. cxd01

    What a day out

    I hope to be in around 4 weeks time (Burbage, Leicestershire) MK2 Spitfire is en-route from Durban.........
  2. Dear all Interesting short film on the Sky channel Talking Pictures TV, that aired on Monday 7th June at 4.10PM The car being born is Triumph Herald Coupe in Green and White and shows its launch with Giovanni Michelotti, then 4x Standard/Triumph apprentices assembling the Herald on a stage. programme then goes on to show Heralds being road tested before moving onto other manufacturers such as Rootes. A bit of nostalgia and well worth a watch Regards Chris
  3. cxd01

    Spitfire Mk2 Engine

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, I think I’ll wait until the car arrives, determine what I’ve actually got to play with, then use it during the summer and decide on a course of action over the winter. I hope to see some other Triumph drivers out there over the next few Months. Regards Chris
  4. Hello All, I'm hoping that some members could provide me with some advice and options relating to my soon to be arriving Mk2 Spitfire? At some stage in the cars life, a Herald 1200 engine (GD115896HE) has been fitted, retaining twin carbs and the correct exhaust manifold (I think) Ideally I would like to get the car back to original specification as I assume the bhp will be down? I'm guessing that my options are: 1. Leave (GD115896HE) in the car as I wont be able to tell the difference in performance? 2. Try to secure a complete replacement FC 1147cc engine but I expect that these may be a little scarce? 3. Would I be right in saying that the Herald and Spitfire blocks are the same so I could get the engine rebuilt using a Spitfire Camshaft and Cylinder Head? Any advice on the best course of action and that my vague assumptions are correct would be really appreciated. On a non-engine topic, if anyone has any experience of fitting a brake servo and some uprated discs/calipers I would be interested in knowing whether this is an easy/useful modification All the best Chris (newbie)
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