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  1. Thanks All, before I commence the rule of 13 method, excuse the daft question but how tight should the gap be with the feeler gauge inserted ? I’ve always done it so that you tighten and move the feeler gauge until you feel slight resistance or tension. I’m just wondering if people’s experiences on the GT6 is that it should be tightened and the feeler gauge is a lot harder to remove with a lot of resistance but stopping short of clamping it dead ! Many thanks . Jeremy
  2. Cheers Pete, I’ll give it a go. All good practice 😊
  3. Ok, thanks All. I have no idea if standard cam or not as I can’t contact the previous owner who had the engine re-built. No idea how I would tell either other than looking at the car itself. I used the Haynes manual sequencing for the valves which states when 2 are fully open (down) adjust the following two. would you recommend a further crack at it using the rule of 13 and doing each valve individually ? many thanks jeremy
  4. Hi All, quick question - does a lowering block sit between the bottom leaf and second leaf of the spring or does it sit on the diff with the spring on top of it ? many thanks jeremy
  5. Hi All, have adjusted all valve clearances to the recommended 0.25mm and now the tappers are noisy at idle, could not really hear before. Had several valves that had a slightly too large gap ( 0.35mm on a couple) and one that was less than the 0.25mm and could not insert the feeler gauge. So it did need it and it ticks away like a sewing machine but just wondering if this is ok ? I’ve always been told slacker valve clearance is better than too tight . It’s a rebuilt engine so no idea what happened on the irregular clearance thicknesses ? if an aftermarket set of rockers , are there any other gap / clearance figures I should be using which is why I have the tapping many thanks jeremy
  6. Hi All, could I ask what radio make and model was originally fitted by Truimph to a 1972 GT6 . Am I right in thinking it would have been a Motorola 144 ? could I also ask if speaker location was limited to door cards. looking to install the correct vintage radio . many thanks jeremy
  7. HI All, Slowly working my way through the interior restoration and I am after a central arm rest if anyone has one ? If in black brilliant, if not still good as would look to recover. Many Thanks in advance Jeremy
  8. Ok, thought I’d close this off for anyone that reads it in the future for guidance. fitted new spring and two new shocks and replaced all bushes. Wheel wobble issue has now gone and the passenger side rear shock was completely seized ! Could not even move it up and down by hand. the spring appeared to be very soft and leaves 5 & 4 could be easily squeezed by hand at the drivers side end. New spring ( correct part is a lot more stiff) so went for a spin and all good when settled down and tightened up. My only slight nag now is the camber of the rear wheels as they look a little positive camber. I have looked at some images of other GT6s straight on from the rear and can does appear to be the same . final thanks to all that spares time to reply and put up with my numpty questions 😉
  9. Hi , have a newtronic electric ignition on the 6 that was installed by the previous owner. The current set up is a non ballast resistor coil. The coil is getting pretty hot , which as I understand it is the oil heating as it reduces the incoming supply. I can see the yellow / pink wires that should go to a ballast resistor but I am unsure that if I add a resistor back in am in just fiddling and likely to fry something ? Pics of electronic ignition box and current coil below. Many thanks . Jeremy
  10. Hi All, after all the previous posts I’m going to start changing all the rear bushes, removing and inspecting the spring and new rear shocks tomorrow. Couple of quick questions If I may : 1. how do you know which is the front of the spring if it is not marked as such ? The Haynes manual states correct fitting required with front face etc 2. when tightening up all new rear suspension parts ( have new bushes and bolts ) which ones should I leave a little loose to allow settling on the ground and then tightening under load ? Is it just spring eye to top of vertical link or all of them ? many thanks in advance jeremy
  11. Hi Ian, confusing , but enjoyable in the sense of learning about the cars. Impatience on my part as really want to start enjoying my rolling restoration so I am inclined to renew / rebuild the rear suspension including spring so as I have piece of mind for a few years. Logistics is my biggest challenge as have a garage that is wider than a single but not a double and have worked out that if I park the car as close to one side allowing access I have around 1.3 m the other and I am not sure if this would be enough to extract the spring ? I’m guessing that you can pull down and twist slightly on it ? Have changed old series Land Rover springs before so known the approximate weight. Alternatively I will need to take up the whole garage with no access until complete as I can use the single side door as the extra width to remove the spring . First world headache I know !! Thanks
  12. Dear All, last post I promise !! I’m getting confused as to what spring part number I am after as some suppliers quote a spring as being Spitfire Mk4 and GT6 mk3 i know I need a 5 leaf spring but could someone offer up the exact part number at all rimmer state is as 159640 I’ve found a Sanderson leaf spring which is this part number. Sanderson have a good reputation with old Land Rover springs. Pic attached . This is quoting the same part number. thanks jeremy
  13. Dear All, thanks once again for the input. In order to try and avoid you all getting fed up with me , I have decided to tackle this in stages based on budget and avoiding abortive costs etc. 1. I'm going to start with new shocks and bushes. Something (maybe very optimistically) is making me think it may be the shock getting stuck and then releasing or not working properly. The wheel wobble feeling is intermittent and does kind of make sense it could be the spring being released and pinging when driving on the straight. The other rear quarter also feels a lot firmer in that I can't depress it as easily and is certainly not bottoming out or potentially the spring eye making contact with the back of the brake hose. 2. If phase one is wishful thinking I am then going to take out and replace all bushes and put in new polybushes and bolts / nuts. I would plan to do this anyway as have always done it on previous classic cars owned. 3. if all else fails obtain new 5 leaf spring. There is currently a wait on arrival or pay uber prices. so I can crack on with phase 1 & 2 in the interim. 4. Sort the brushing of the braided brake hose against the shock. make up the s section of brake pipe and brackets. Needs sorting as plan on running the car by the MOt station when all finished. 5. One day consider the CV shaft conversion. Found it, looks nice, but lots of other things to sort first. Many Thanks and will let you know how i get on (Hopefully with a Eureka moment on point of discovery of issue) Jeremy
  14. Hi Ian, can I ask what / where the cv converted rotaflex set up is . Is it a full conversion kit ? Can you provide a link as definitely interested in this if I can afford as would like to do it once abs correct . Thanks
  15. Evening , the first thing I would like to say is that I really , really appreciate all the guidance and advice. Thank you for your patience , I’d be stuffed without the support. ok, so investigating this evening , I have found out: i. It’s a four stud / bolt spring ii. The car still retains the top shock mount in the wheel arch so definitely a conversion ? iii. The drive shaft length is approx 31 cm from base of cup at wheel end to base of cup at diff end. iv. I bounced it the car on the rear quarter and it makes an intermittent metal tapping / knocking sound. I’ve attached a small video clip. v rear driver side height from floor to bottom of sill rail is 17 cm on drivers side and then 19 cm on passenger side. vi could not see any fractures or cracks in the spring . Noise definitely from drivers side. a few pics below , all pointers and thoughts very welcome. I’m not sure if it would be the spring as the knocking is not consistent with every push down on the car , but maybe that is my wishful thinking. The car seems to settle and is quiet and then after half a dozen pushdown and raises then knocks for the next 3 - 4 ? many thanks jeremy IMG_6886.MOV
  16. Hi Doug, a full replacement chassis is my current theory as I know the previous owner bought it from someone that had carried out a full rebuild. I can’t see any welding . Many thanks . Jeremy
  17. Hi All, thank you for all the guidance . In my newness to the GT6 I may have confused myself and all of you or the previous owner has made a fundamental change. My car is 1972 but not rotaflex. I attach a pic of the underside of the rear suspension and I have not got the doughnut on the drive shaft. All thoughts gratefully received as to what i have installed
  18. Hi All, as per my previous post on tyre pressures and wheel wobble sensation I have been investigating and all so reading the previous post on sagging springs with great interest. I’ve poked around under the rear suspension and the first thing I have noticed is that the rear drivers corner is sagging - I realised this when I could get a jack under the passenger side just in front of rear wheel but drivers side I could not. It is the drivers side that the wobble feeling comes from. before I go hunting for a new spring ( notes that springs are scarce at the moment so may well have to wait) is a sagging spring the likeliest cause ? I can see newish bolts and studs on the spring to diff mount , so it has been replaced recently . I’d thought the whole rear suspension had been rebuilt but looking closely it is a mix of new bushes and old ones . Not sure why. anyway , I thought maybe to start with a full bush fitting kit and new shocks and then if no joy with the wheel wobble then go for a new spring replacement. is there a best place to get a full rear suspension bush replacement kit that comes with everything you need ? can I ask how easy it is to remove the bush from the spring eye and replace, as from owning old land rovers I know it can be a pain or am I kidding myself and should just gear up for a full rear rebuild including new spring and embrace the future learning and experience opportunity ! many thanks jeremy
  19. Thanks Ian and Colin for comments. it’s a 1972 mk3 and the suspension was overhauled / rebuilt by the previous owner, the bits I can see have all got purple poly bushes in and it has a new pair of shocks on. It may be the case that something is loose from the rebuild or as you say may be alignment issues. I think it alarmed me as I thought the wobble was a wheel coming loose ! It feels tight in a corner and there is no clunking of anything . many thanks Jeremy
  20. Hi All, Thanks for all the feedback. I've managed at last to dodge the rain and go for the 1st drive since I bought the GT6 2 weeks ago. I had all tyres on 29 psi and whilst the front was fine the rear made a rather alarming wobble. Not round a corner, but just in a straight line, intermittently when going down a country lane with lumpy surface. I then stopped , put the rears up to 32 psi and it is better but still an unnerving sensation as not used to it. Even at 32 psi there is a lot of lateral movement in the side wall if I move the rear end from side to side , so wondering if I need to inflate further. Trouble I have is that having never owned or driven another GT6 before I am not sure what are GT6 quirks and what is not right. When I test drove it it was on R14 175 / 65 and these certainly did not produce a wobble. I'm also thinking that maybe the geometry has been tinkered with and if this needs sorting. Is this something straight forward for a local garage to do on the GT6. Apologies if this is all a bit numpty but don't have anything to compare too. Best Wishes Jeremy
  21. Hi All, apologies in advance as have tried looking on forum threads and google for tyre pressures for a GT6 and lots of different figures quoted. I've just put on a set of 175/70/R13 tyres and the most common GT6 stated pressures for tyres i've found on the net are 24 front and 28 rear or 21 front and 26 rear ? I appreciate it may actually need some fine tuning following road tests but an thoughts / previous experience would be gratefully recieved.
  22. Hi All, Can I ask how the bolt that fixes the seat belt stalk to the body is fixed ? Is it a bolt that fits into a reinforced threaded mount within the body or does it bolt straight through to the underside with a spreader plate and nut on the underside ? If the latter, from experience, can you get to the bolt without removing the exhaust as seems to be tucked up in the transmission tunnel ? Apologies, have not got myself a decent set of ramps / car lift to get underneath yet Many Thanks Jeremy
  23. Hi Dick, just sent you a message . Many thanks . Jeremy
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