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    Currently: Spit MK IV & TR5
    Previously: TR4, Vitesse MK2, Dolomite 1300 (Russet Brown too 🙄)
    Others: A bit of Landrover, Jaguar and a Daimler....

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  1. Pete, Ducking the clear superiority of SUs, I note...😉 tbf, the SUs (HD type) on that Daimler are rather better made, and more expensive, than the HS models we have on our Triumphs - you might even approve....they are quite Strombergy....
  2. Pete, I wondered that. So SUs are better after all 😁. E.g. this Daimler V8 setup - level float chambers. OR Just put some 22" wheels on the nearside....???
  3. I used the speedo cable adapter with a Brantz on my TR4. Worked nicely. So you could use that, save a few quid, and use a stub of speedo cable - then it'll always fit something if gearbox/OD is converted. Or is that a bit too much of a bodge 🤔?
  4. Wouldn’t part of the question be what is “best”? In very general terms (carb designs and manifolds etc. will of course have a significant impact too) a single carb is likely to have higher gas velocity and thus better fuel atomisation at lower revs so will generate it's torque at lower revs - good for a heavier saloon. Twin carbs or twin choke Weber might flow better at higher revs so be good for a revvy light car, like a Spit, but actually generate less torque at lower revs. All depends what you want. Torque at lower revs is nice for a street car...Power is good bragging rights but if it all happens north of 4000rpm it’ll be a horrible drive on the road... I cut my teeth on a 1300 Dolomite (single Larger SU) and then moved to a 1296cc Spitty with Twin HS2s. Spitty liked to rev but needed it to shift. Dolly was happy to chug along. More or less the same engine. In the end, the best 1200 carb might just want to have more cubes on the engine end of it, as the Americans sort of say 😚
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