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Stratton Jimmer

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    Stratton St Margaret
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    RPK67F - Mk1 GT6 (1977-1980)
    HHA717D - Mk1 Vitesse 2L (1975-1977)
    SVO123R - Sixpot Spitfire 1500 (2021-)
    CWD760J - GT6 Mk3 (2021-)

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About Me

Suffering a mid/late life crisis and a yearning for a sixpot Triumph I purchased SVO123R which is a far from perfect but reasonable example of a 1500 Spit with a 2L engine, which I believe was fitted by Yorkshire Triumphs..

I'm a retired flight simulator engineer and spend a good deal of my time working at a heritage railway line where I am qualified as a driver, fireman, guard, crossing keeper, traffic controller and training officer amongst other things.

Vitesse 2L 1977.JPG

Jim working on the GT6 Summer 1978 RPK 67F.jpg


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