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  1. Thanks for all the advice, so the original engine failed at some time and was replaced with an original ordered exchange Stanpart engine with the same qualifications, so good to know that the owner at that time used the opportunity to change it with a factory available more costly engine in stead of using a cheaper second hand one with maybe unreliable background. Startup will be this wintertime, I'll take compression and check it completely before firing it up! Must be standing still for a long time, I bought the car as is and guess it didn't turn since a long time...
  2. OK, thanks for all the good advice, I agree with the possible A and B codes for the piston grades. Just don't know yet what the FRL code behind the FC number stands for, I thought maybe there is an register for the exchange engines and their comments. To John D, why are you so sure not one engine returned defect to the factory, in that time work was not so controlled as now or was work perfect in that time? In current times a lot of engines of any kind fail in their first year? Thanks Henk
  3. Can anyone inform please, I bought a Spitfire Mark II and the engine number was probably removed from the block because the place is blanc, in stead there is a Tag with the information of the engine attached to the side with a serial number and other information...is it possible this engine or the whole car was returned to the build factory due to a problem with the engine from new or in garantee? This is the first time I see this kind of enginenumber...what does the other information mean? Has anyone info or a similar tag?
  4. I adore these old recordings and in color (seen a similar recording in black and white), found this little film on Youtube also with the same 'A car is born' title. When the Herald is shown the ladies lift up a cotton cloth that covers the Herald, I found one of these a while ago, does the Tssc have one? I contacted the Herald.com club, but they were only interested in buying it, 'I said no no no', I displayed it on my daily driver car, doesn't fit but shows a good impression...still pristine for it's age, even the fringels at the bottom! Regards Henk
  5. No hard feelings, I'm used to comments and jealousy, I can only laugh with some..look who was nervous.... by the way, the best Belgian street artist will paint the ugly brick wall into a piece of art, a compromise between my choice and that of my lovely lady, and Im telling you right now, my part wll be Triumph related...yes yes yes...maybe I show a picture when it's done... aren't tomatoes Signal Red?
  6. This is not a greenhouse, it's a veranda, it's got sliding windows and parks four cars, most people buy this to sit under and enjoy a coffee, I enjoy looking at may cars every day and preserve them in stead of rusting in the weather... Our big garage was full, our greenhouse with tomatoes also so last option... one thing can't buy cars longer then 4.5 meter, so no Jags....
  7. The big garage was full so my wife bought this so I can see my cars every moment of the day love can be a beautiful thing
  8. Thankx for the welcome, as you asked for pictures, here are some, the 4 door 1300 barnfind after 22 years lockup, totally complete when I checked the trunk I found the hubcaps, the red Spitfire Mark 1, complete and undergoing this winter a total restoration, was originally old English white and will be again...I think... Since then working on a Spitfire Mark II but on hold due to work on our house... have more to come later... that guy in eastern Belgium can be helpful as I'm still looking for a front bumper for the Mark II...Greetings
  9. Hi Rich, thank you very much for informing me what happened to Pete, glad he is in good health and still working on Triumphs, and please tell him he is very much missed by numerous people on Youtube, I know some comments are misplaced and hurting and yes who knows everything better then the criticasts themselves but you can not imagine what I've learned from him, look at your own GT6 how it came back from the dead and is now enyoing it's new life and pleasing you too...I know when a car is in the hands of Pete it is blessed... Maybe one day I'll come to a TSSC meeting and get in touch with him in real life... If I ever would buy a Triumph it would be from him and no one else, I too have a few cars awaiting restoration and will be starting on a Mark 1 Spitfire after the winter, and believe me I learned already a lot by watching Pete, I admire his skills and calmness... Say greets to him and whish him the best of all! Thanks again Henk
  10. Hello to everyone, I'm newbie here, my name is Henk. I live in Ghent Belgium and was a long time ago member of the TSSC and visited the headquarters with my brother in a Spitfire 1500 back then but lost interest in the TSSC due to troubles each year with my VISA payment (I could be still in the old files), back then there was no Cellphone and computers were not so reliable, and each year I annoyed myself with these payment problems and didn't renew anymore. I still own a Triumph Spitfire Mark I or Spitfire '4', a Mark II, a Belgian made Triumph 1300 4 doors and some more... I'm 54 now and still going strong after I lived through a heavy case of traffic agression in 2018 with a lot of injuries wich resulted in two heart attacks and a lifetime heart disability. (believe me my wife saved my life, I'm still thankful for that) So time is my best mate at the moment. Some may ask what brought me back to the TSSC? The restoration of a GT6 by Jade Muttley but his video's vanished also his account on Youtube, so by looking his name up in Google brought me to the TSSC.... I hope to meet some new people and learn a lot on this site and can only whish you all the best, be good be safe and take care! Greets Henk
  11. Stunning car, better then new, saw the restoration on Youtube as it was shown by Jade (Pete), high class restoration in every way, this is a jewel... By the way, what happened to the site of Jade, thousands of people followed Jade but his video's vanished and nothing is posted anymore, without leaving any information, as he is one of your friends, can you advise? I learned a lot from him and I know he is missed by a lot of people... Thanks Henk
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