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  1. Hi Nathan, Lovely car, i am the Area Organiser for the Gloucestershire Area....... I have done a quick check with a couple of our local members & they have had work done by: South Cerney Engineering - North End, Aston Keynes, Wiltshire, SN6 6QR or Country Engineering - Oldbury Lane Unit 1, Bristol BS35 1RF The Gloucester Area meets at the Aviator Inn on Staverton Airport on the third Monday of every month (next one 21st January), you are most welcome to join us, whether the car is on the road or not. You will get first hand recommendations from members who are tackling these jobs regularly. Keep up the good work, the Spitfire looks great. Jane
  2. 28th & 29th July 2018 is TriumFest UK to be held at Shelsley Walsh ....... ☀️ TSSC exclusive camp site, lots to see and do ...... Full details still to be released, but save the date ....... Jane
  3. Hi, I have a couple of Vitesse Headlights you can have ..... out in the garage, just got to find them! Whereabouts are you?? Jane
  4. Jane


    Hi The Club has been "Embracing social media' for quite a while now, they all are quite different & all necessary to represent and present the Club in this way in modern times. It is the TSSC Facebook GROUP that you are referring to above & yes groups are a bit of a free for all with information getting an instant answer & disappearing amongst so many other posts just as instantly. We also have a Facebook Page - this is very different & has a posting from 'The Club' every day. Many active areas also have Facebook Groups helping to keep everybody informed & reminded of events coming up areas like, Dewent Valley, Gloucester, Manchester, Essex, Scotland. Etc etc We have two Twitter Accounts, is the Official TSSC Feed which has a posting on it every day with other retweets as and when. This is also fed on to the home page of the TSSC website, so you can see the daily posting if you wish without going on to Twitter. The other Twitter account is for TriumFest. We are on Instagram with a daily post. We have a Pintrest Board with plenty of "pins" on it creating interest & activity. In April 2015 I wrote an article which was published in the Courier titled TSSC Social Media explaining where we were to date. Also including an update on the Forum. There will be other things in the pipeline as and when we feel it is right for the Club to be on that platform. A lot of hard work is going into promoting the TSSC in these areas. Jane Rowley
  5. TriumFest Uk 2016 will be held over the weekend of 2nd & 3rd July 2016 at Santa Pod Raceway. Full details are in November's Courier....... But....... Camping from Friday (1st) in our own exclusive TriumFest Campsite with our usual Noggin & Natter. Saturday will be the All Triumph displays, Show 'n' Shine & 50th GT6 Anniversary Displays.... & Run What You Brung up the Strip. Evening - Live Band etc....... Sunday is the Santa Pod Retro Show, open to all classics from 50's - 90's this is their main show day. with Fairgrounds, BMX Displays, Stock Car Displays, General Classic Traders Auto Solo & Run What you Brung...... with Club displays ........... To gain access to the TriumFest Uk at Santa Pod, you MUST pre book through the Club HQ ..... Early Bird discounts if booked by 31st Jan 2016 (£18 for the weekend or £11.60 per day) or normal pricing is £22 per person for weekend & £14 day ticket. Keep the weekend 1st - 3rd July 2016 free & look out for the full details in November's Courier........ Cheers Jane
  6. Provisional dates for TriumFest 2016 are 2nd and 3rd July. We are hoping to announce details in November's Courier...........
  7. Hi Roy, I have a couple I could measure (they are bound to be different!!!) - I have sent you a message & you can let me know exactly where we need to measure. Cheers Jane
  8. Hi Steve, The way the web site is set up it is for the Area Organiser to input the local events & meetings there is no limit to how many they can put on. Some AO's do a great job of this & some don't do it......yet. If your events are not on the local AO may need some help or assistance to do this. Also the links to web sites & face book pages are easy to set up & then they will work, I have set up Gloucester Area's & they function efficiently, if there is any error in setting these up a quick email to Club HQ can sort any errors. It's very easy to use, it's just getting around to it. Jane
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