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  1. I replaced mine on the Spit 1500 about 6 years ago. The price of a new one was fairly high if I remember, so I purchased one from a mini supplyers. Almost the same switch but the angle of the stalk was slightly different but is easily bent to the right angle. If I remember it was about a third of the price at the time. Danny
  2. What about a Spit 1500 same tyre size. Danny
  3. dannyb


    It does say not MOTd but has in small print "this vehicle may not require one" or something like that.
  4. dannyb


    I also had my Spit taxed as historic on 1st April. Still not had the log book back. Online it still showed as sorn a week later. I contacted dvla online chat and they confirmed it was taxed and OK to drive. It can take 8 weeks to get the log book back. Danny
  5. My piston stop I can feel the piston just start to rock the bolt in the thread of the old sparkplug I made it from so I go very slow when turning the engine at that point. Also the end of the bolt is rounded to stop damage to the piston. Danny
  6. I'm insured with RH which includes recovery. In 2018 I was recovered from John O groats back to Essex during the RBRR. I can't fault them. Danny
  7. I've had this problem with the soft pedal for years. Pump it and it's solid. I have recently renewed the rear brakes and slaves and changed the braided lines on the front for rubber. But still after bleeding the pedal is still soft. So I clamped the front brake lines and the pedal is now rock hard. So I take it the calipers will need a rebuild. Is there any decent rebuild kits out there. Danny
  8. Yeah it's a picture of a picture on an article I wrote in Club Torque. But you can see the bracket is pop riveted into the bracing of the boot on the other side of the original bracket and sandwiched together by the strut. I didn't want to weld it. Danny
  9. Checked to boot strut. It's 500mm length with a 230mm stroke. 400n. This is a picture of the boot bracket I made to support the original bracket.
  10. I'll have a look at mine and report back later. Danny
  11. I did experiment with different forces of strut. 200n and you have to lift the boot all the way up. 600n and the boot will open on its own but is much too strong. The bracket on the boot needs to be 3 x the thickness of the original. The boots are heavy and the rack also adds to the weight on. mine.
  12. This is the one I made. Gas strut 400n I believe. Would be a lot less in a fiberglass boot. You will need to reinforce the bracket on the boot lid or it will bend it. Danny
  13. Got one of these from ebay. Get a very good suction but it seems to pull air into the tube via the nipple thread. So went back to my one way valve bleader with long tube back to my master where I just keep pumping the pedal and don't have to worry about topping up with fluid. I use a clothspeg to hold the tube in the master. Danny
  14. I had exactly the same problem with halfzuds spray filler. I don't use it anymore. I only buy from the paint shop I have my cellulose mixed up. No more problems since. Danny
  15. Can't see a problem. We will be outside observing social distance. As long as Duxford stays open to the public. Danny
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