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  1. Thanks guys. Answers my questions. The 'mature' mechanic who works mainly on older cars didn't know about doing it from the inside. That kind of worried me but after a quick chat this morning with him he said he had 'looked it up' and he originally thought it was like a MG Midget. Thanks again
  2. Hi everyone Having enjoyed my little spitfire every day as my daily driver since March, I need a clutch. Having searched around I've found it hard up here in Glasgow to get someone to do it for me. However, a little 'corner' mechanic offered to fit for £200 and said its quicker to take the engine out to install the new 3 part assembly. I kind of have a feeling he says this because he has no ramp. Whilst in the good old days my brother would happily do this in the street outside the house, do you guys agree or is from a ramp better? *i have the parts* Thanks
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guy's. I like the look of the wires. Makes the car look older than it is but they will definitely go before any hard or long distance driving. One question. Did Triumph (or BL) ever produce an alloy hard top for competition?
  4. Hi all. Great forum full of information. I bought my 1st Spitfire (F reg) in 1975 as an impatient teenager aged 16. I wandered in to a dealership and announced I had £250 in my pocket and what was available. I was promptly pointed to the 'trade in' area. There I saw this red rust bucket of a spitfire that I simply had to have as it was exactly 250 quid even although no price was displayed. Strange that! Anyway after driving it the 3 miles home, no tax, insurance, MOT, licence (not condoning this now or then) my old man promptly but verbally slapped me about for being so stupid. After a week or so and the interior was striped out I got a guy to come and price the welding that there was much off. I had removed the doors for ease of access and this bloke stepped into the car and it hilariously broke in half. It wasn't even sold for scrap. It was slowly dismantled and the binmen gradually removed it over a couple of months. That's my introduction to the Spitfire. Fast forward some 40 something years and I was passed by one in the street. My wife commented how cute it was and the hunt began. I had a strict budget (3.5k) and provided it wasn't full of holes, it ran and would pass the current MOT standards, couloir and condition was unimportant as I had a plan. You see, my wife is Thai and my main business is in the far east. We would buy, export over the winter and run in a classic rally that runs through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I looked at what seemed hundreds of ads. Most were projects that were not full day to day runners or, priced at 4/5/6k. I wish I had joined this forum first but hey, by sheer chance was looking at my daughters facebook and there it was in the classifieds. It appears the chap only just advertised it and off we went to Ayrshire only one hour from home. The guy was really nice. we exchanged formalities and each new what the price was beforehand. If it was what I wanted I would buy. It turns out he wanted it to do the N500 run with his Mrs but for various reasons it didn't happen and the car was up for grabs. I could see some work had been completed and in general the car looked used (albeit it hadn't completed 20 miles in a year) and off I went with the wife on a 30 min test run through some nice twisting roads. The chap siad I would find no problems with the drive and warned me it was 1975 brakes and not expect to stop on a sixpence. Great run, bought the car, drove it home, used it everyday since the end of march. Daily run to work some 20 miles, and another 100 or so each weekend. In general no issues except the temp seems to run hot whilst driving and surprisingly (for me) returns to normal at idle. I'm beginning to experience some electrical problems, some noisy exhaust issues and a few rattles here and there. All in all I love it but I'm not practical in any shape or fashion on mechanicals so soon, the car will be going to the garage for some serious and not so serious fettling. As you can see it has an aftermarket roll bar and I believe (?) wire wheels but I am in two minds whether on not to remove them and replace with original. It also comes with a factory hard top. Once again thanks for having me.
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