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  1. Thanks for the info Richard, But saying you've got one that's not for sale is just plain mean ;-) Are you sure....? Regards, Barry
  2. Kevin, Beer tokens (or the real thing) I can do. I'm in the final stages of organising the Caterham Beer Festival (21st/22nd Nov) so I'm awash with the stuff! Over 4000 pints coming in next week. Regards
  3. Thanks for the prompt replies gents, Canley are out of stock at the mo' and (to be honest) I'm not mad about the idea of paying £300(ish) if I can help it. Hopefully someone's got one stuffed under a sheet in their garage somewhere. Barry
  4. Hi there, Apologies if this isn't the correct forum to post this request but, does anyone have an aluminium bell housing for a Herald 'box that they'd like to get rid of? If not, can anyone advise which other Triumph models might've had a compatible one fitted? Many thanks in advance, Barry
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