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  1. Haven't we all! Well, OK, you asked for it! As you mention in a later post, 4life will find any weak spots in your system - my guess is that most coolants will do so too..? Anyway, I had a leak from the rad that I couldn't identify the source for. So I took it to a garage to see if they could. They did, and also identified a small weep. Neither could be fixed apparently because the solder wouldn't 'take' and they thought the reason was because of the waterless coolant (that they mistakenly assumed was Evans). They mentioned that if it had been regular water based coolant they could have just applied heat and the water would have evaporated and then the solder would 'take'. I'm haste I assumed 4life might have caused the leak, but as you mention Iain, it's probably just found a weak spot. And so the thought of switching back to regular water based coolant came to mind and conundrum of whether I could having gone with 4life. ... and there you go. I hope it's filled a gap in your Friday evening
  2. Thanks Colin. I thought I'd ask 4Life directly as well, so I phoned their technical helpline (on their website) and asked them what would be needed if I wanted to revert to regular water based coolant if currently using their product. The chap's response was simply "flush it through and refill with the coolant of your choice". He mentioned the fact that you can add water to the 4Life coolant if you're in a bind and don't have any to hand (roadside breakdown, stone through rad, lose hose, etc) and also mentioned that the product has a different composition to Evans waterless coolant. Evans apparently doesn't work with water, so you can't add water if you need a quick top up (disclaimer: I have no experience with Evans). He also mentioned there there could be some confusion between their product and the Evans product because Evans had branded or marketed their product as 'for life' and hence people confuse the two.
  3. Hi all, I've read the debate on here and other forums about waterless vs water based collant, so not looking to reopen that debate. I currently have 4Life coolant in my standard GT6 Mk2 and want to revert to the standard water based AF (long story, which I won't bore you with!) I've been told that it isn't possible to convert back to water based AF as residue from 4Life remains in the cooling system even after extensive flusing and refreshing. Is this correct? Or is it possible to go from 4Life to regular water based coolant with, perhaps, a cleanser and extensive flusing of the system? Thanks
  4. Hi, Is there any likelihood that the Duxford event might be able to go ahead? With non-essential shops starting to reopen and larger places that can facilitate social distancing (eg car showrooms) being allowed to reopen i would like to think not all hope is extinguished!
  5. I had a similar problem with my modern car (E46 M3) and the garage I took it to said that the piston seal had failed leading to grit and grime getting in between the piston and the caliper housing (where the piston moves back and forth). A common problem on these cars apparently. It causes the outer side of the piston to become scared or marred to the point that it retains the grit and grime and eventually seizes. The only solution was a complete rebuild of the caliper (and likely continual rebuilds from time to time to clear the grime out) or a replacement. In addition, as this seizure had been happening for a couple of months the heat build up caused by constantly having the brake applied meant the disk was beginning to warp and the pads were starting to degrade due to excessive heat (the disk was reading over 250 Celsius after a 30 min drive compared with 37 Celsius for the other side). An eye watering repair cost (for the car it is) for a caliper, 2 disks and pads, but a quick one to do.
  6. Also worth considering is the Hilliers fundamentals of automotive electronics. Not sure if it's still printed, maybe it is. I have an old version I bought from the library when they were renewing their stock and selling of the old stuff. Best 35p I spent!
  7. Possibly. I'm not trying to make this personal - far from it. But it would be good to hear the thought process behind the decision. Chris has been good enough to explain the decision above, which I respect. My question goes to how we move forward - if, as Chris suggests, there will need to be a review of the club shop activities it would be good to know how that will work. Also, I would expect these questions would be ones that would be permissible at the AGM or other club meeting. I wasn't able to attend and I'm sure there are others too who weren't.
  8. My understanding is that (i) the club shop is one of the larger sources of revenue for the club, and (ii) the performance of the club shop was one of the main factors leading to the club almost breaking even from a sizable loss the previous year. If these are true, can I ask two questions: * why it was the shop manager position that needed to be made redundant? and * if undertaking a review of what the club shop sells and how it markets its products wouldn't it be useful, possibly fundamental, to the success of that review to have the person who understands the club shop back-to-front to be part of that review?
  9. Just wanted to add my thanks to the organization team for SEM. It's my local TSSC meeting / show so I always try to get there and from those few people I spoke to the turn out seems to have been exceptionally high. And of cars in very good condition / states of repair. Star of the show was definitely the Italia. I'll upload some photos when I have a moment.
  10. Great tip! Although I've already shelled out on some Dynamat and have it in my garage waiting to be installed...
  11. I bought a Halfords Advanced battery today for my GT6 (440 CCA & 50Ah rather than the rather shoddy 250 CCA & 35Ah I had before which was leaking). The power at start up is amazing in comparison and the idle speed is much more stable even when the Kenlow kicks in. £69 well spent I think.
  12. Jezza

    Car lift / tilter

    Very helpful, Richard (and others too!)
  13. Jezza

    Car lift / tilter

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. I do like the mobile axel stands solution which Richard posted which looks the cheapest and (more importantly) the least likely to fail. I've been doing minor jobs which don't need me to be under the car (eg rebuilding front suspension) with traditional axel stands and that's worked fine. I'm now considering replacing the gear box which will involve a lot more work and time (and no doubt swearing) under the car. Interestingly, these mobile axel stands are cheaper on flea-bay than direct via CJ Auto's website! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MOBILE-AXLE-STANDS-CJAUTOS-CM05A-/231782585653?hash=item35f7519535:g:AcsAAOSwDNdVln4-
  14. Sunshine in NI?? Get away with ya'!
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