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  1. try tony lindsay dean he seem to have lots of gear sets to rebuild from , see tssc facebook page as he is often posting
  2. odd not even briefly starting on the easy start, not out on timing are you , i manged to get 60 degs out when changed distib cap, i worked it out eventually are you happy with spark not failed rotor arm
  3. who going i plan to take 2 cars
  4. I will do a write up for the courier in near future but will let the dust settle on this so to speak . car looks great shame about the owner
  5. one knackered overdive thankfully slipping and noises and failure to enage only started few miles from hone on way back from triumfest looking at what came out i think the clutch in it has gone getting it out this time a lot easier with a lift , rather than axle stands and ramps
  6. see my blog for lots of photos exterior of my pi and rel seams car will be on register stand at NEC no filler never welded at work tonight may be able to get some pics tomorrow
  7. here's my pi up rosedale chimney My GT6 at Castle Howard
  8. We enjoyed it nice site, the kids enjoyed the clown/circus skills i enjoyed the beer and weather was good I did wonder why ear plugs were provided at the gate and soon relaised it wasn't for the cars but for east midlands airport next door ! Meeting and chatting with Graham Robson was a highlight as was the +ve comments made about both of the cars we brought down . we managed to get all this into both cars The show and shine format ensured lots of cars on display Winning car of show and best GT6 was a very pleasant surprise , the new format probably kept the serious trailer angels at bay though as the concours was held outside. sisters in triumph! Well organised and well done tssc
  9. just use the tr4 switches gives a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the dash ,ie round and flat toggles switches it what i have in mine, god knows why triumph didn't do this
  10. docwad

    Noobie Here!

    as you can see from the profile pic i have a gt6 mk1 i now have a 2.5 mk2 pi saloon what different cars, both is size and ride quality the GT6 was built as a more luxury spitfire with more power and comfort but the PI is a different class altogether. If your after 2 seat fun, go GT6 if after family space comfort quietness smoothness go big 6. i now have a harem of 2 i fear one may start misbehaving through neglect
  11. The running issues now all sorted ,car collected and put 200 miles on it already over the course of the North Yorkshire triumph weekend. Looking and running very well Current mileage is 7820 from new! blog updated
  12. not all gone to plan sadly the pi was hesitant not wanting to pull strongly or to rev under load and a sooty exhaust so after 5 miles turned round and YT are fettling with it cause not apparent at moment having checked usu suspects so it going on rolling road hopefully ready for the north yorkshire triumph weekend this friday fingers and everything else crossed
  13. just under a year since i saw this very original low mileage PI for sale Yorkshire triumphs have now finished their recommissioning/restoration on it after its 40yrs laid up in a garage http://saffronpi.blogspot.co.uk/ i cant wait
  14. may i suggest the club buy a small amount some to try on one of the staff cars
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