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  1. Similar to Pete's installation I opted for removing the battery mounting brackets and moved them as far over as I could. No need to reduce the size of battery. Really pleased with the reduction in pedal effort. Cheers, Keith
  2. Thanks for the replies chaps. I've tried epoxy glue on it tonight. It is currently setting under a cunning array of old speaker magnets acting as a clamp. Hopefully it will take a hold. I think a new badge would look 'too new' if you know what I mean ? I'll keep an eye out for one with some miles on it! Cheers, Keith
  3. A long shot I know, but if anyone has one of these in any condition I would be interested. On mine the graphic plate has become detached from the backing plate and I doubt it will repair well.... Thanks, Keith
  4. Aha! Thanks chaps, makes sense. I suppose they must have been missing from my car when I got it. Cheers, Keith
  5. Good Evening, The Vitesse is close to being all back together but I have come across two new parts in bags that I cannot identify. They are 630755 A-post P seals. I can find mention of them on Rimmers, Paddocks etc.websites but no real clue as to how exactly they were fitted. I don't see them listed in my parts book either. I can't say that I recall removing them during the strip down either, but that was a few years ago now.? Any advice gratefully received! Cheers, Keith
  6. Thanks Richard, I think that confirms that the CV shafts do not need the 'fat' spacer (red arrow) that was used on the original shafts but just the usual shims and spacer rings (green arrow). Just waiting on new wheel bearings then I can do a 'dry' assembly and measure required shims/spacers. Cheers, Keith
  7. Oops, premature posting, ctrl + enter does not put in a blank line! Richard, Could I impose on you to compare the length I have measured in the photo below and see if it is somewhere close to your original parts? I don't think that the 148850 will be required but it would be nice to know for sure. Adrian, It would be great to get to HQ for the Triumph fettling day but it's a wee bitty ower far doon the road as we say up here! Cheers, Keith
  8. Evening Chaps, Offside dismantled tonight and no sign of damage. Bearings are possibly fine but as I ordered 2 sets I think I'll change them anyway.
  9. Hi Richard, That's a very kind offer, thanks. It would be good to see a photo of an original driveshaft with the 148850 spacer fitted. My CV conversion kit was from Rimmer Bros but I think it is the same as the Canley version. The description on their site sounds exactly the same anyhow. Is this the same kit you have? -Keith
  10. Home made spring lifter worked well. As you can see I ended up supporting it on the road wheel. Perhaps not the best way but the height was perfect. I ended up removing the whole vertical link after I saw the amount of shrapnel that was in there The spacer ring has shattered into many pieces. Looking at the driveshaft I am now wondering if the large spacer (I think it is part No. 148850 in the attached drawing) should be fitted to the driveshaft? I thought the new shafts were machined to include this spacer distance...maybe not? I don't have my old rotoflex driveshafts to compare with now unfortunately. It is a concern that it all seemed to go together OK with what looked like the correct amount of end-float but within 50 miles has failed dramatically. I can only assume that something loosened off allowing the shaft to wallop back and forth destroying the spacer ring. New wheel bearings on order, I'll hold off on ordering the spacers until I can get an accurate measurement of distance required. -Keith
  11. A mate managed to come up with some thick wall box section and flat bar. An hour or so and we've welded up a rough approximation of the spring lifting bar shown in the workshop manual. I'll have a go at attacking the upright tomorrow evening. -Keith
  12. Thanks again Adrian. I also got sent a link to ebay, someone on there is re-manufacturing them in various thicknesses. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=152483&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xtriumph+152483.TRS0&_nkw=triumph+152483&_sacat=0
  13. Thanks again Adrian. A new problem I hadn't expected is that the 'usual' suppliers are all showing the bearing spacer (152483 to 152487) to be no longer available. I'll have to cast the net further or possibly look at having some made. Hey-ho...
  14. Thanks Adrian, you've confirmed what I was thinking ☹ I don't have a spring lifting bar so was hoping there was a way to avoid disconnecting the vertical link. Did you manage without using one? I will admit to using ratchet straps when I assembled the suspension but at the rolling chassis stage, access was a lot easier. Cheers, Keith
  15. Well, my Vitesse passed its MOT with a couple of advisories: Binding front calipers and rear wheel bearing play getting excessive. I made a start investigating the rear wheel bearings. I had gone to some trouble fitting and shimming new bearings at the same time as converting from Rotoflex donuts to CV driveshafts, so was surprised that they were a problem. Anyhow, I pulled the nearside hub only to reveal the shattered remains of the spacer ring and some mangled shims, hopefully you can make these out in the attached photo. It looks like I must have got something fairly catastrophically wrong during assembly. The next step is to remove the driveshaft to find the rest of the spacer ring and probably replace the bearings. The driveshaft conversion were fitted when at the rolling chassis stage and now I am a bit baffled as to how to remove them with the body in place. I have it unbolted from the diff but can see no way to manoeuvre it past the diff to withdraw it from the vertical link. Can anyone out there who has done this conversion point me in the right direction for taking a shaft out? I am hoping it is not necessary to disassemble the vertical link from the car in order to proceed but it is looking increasingly likely If anyone has any suggestions as to what is likely to have gone wrong and caused the damage, I would love to hear them too. Cheers, Keith
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