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  1. Just put this up!

    Some old super 8mm footage of the 1979 national at wookey hole Somerset, I found in the pile of old films I have. unfortunatly I had to work that day so my brother Paul, could be at the show,  I gave him the camera. seems he was not so keen to film as I was back then. it's mostly from the end of the day I think.  so It's short and sweet. nice to see John with his megaphone again. :)


  2. Found it.. well some of it! in some pre courier mags.  turning circle and the even earlier newsletters

    Wookey hole was 5th may 1979

    and Gurston hill climb could be may 20th or july 22nd 1979 or even july 20th 1980

    stoneleigh was the Town and Country Festival in 1979 but no sure ob the date.

    quite interesting reading the old magazines

    I did notice there was a mention in one of the turning circle magazines, that a film of the Wookey hole concours was showen at the clubs christmas weekend on the 3rd october. Is their a copy in the archives at the club?

  3. 6 hours ago, thescrapman said:

    Can you look through the old magazines, and see what years the annual meet was where?

    been looking most of the day but can't find anything as yet.

    There is a mention in the December 1980 courier but I don't recognise the story. As the bar-b-que we were at was in a field close to the site,  we had brought up a barrel of beer from our local and another area brought the second barrel. and fun was had by all.....hic!

    but I have found some more film of the wookey hole concours in 79 I think. not much of it though as I had to work that in the morning.


  4. I found an old film I made back in the day of the Stoneleigh show were we stayed on site in a caravan with the club and of a Gurston hill climb. I would like to put a date to them before I post on youtube.

    problem is I can't remember when is was, possible dates are any time from 1978 to 1983.  When I joined the club to when I got married, I would think it would be somewhere around 1980 ish. maybe some one was there and has a better recolection then me.

    here are some stills from the film if it help.

    or if anyone know where I could find out the infomation that would help.

    Stoneleigh show



    and Gurston Hill Climb


  5. On 19/02/2021 at 10:55, Colin Lindsay said:

    I spent Monday gardening and the rest of the week digging out the tiniest little thorns. I was also cleaning small parts with a little wire brush on a Dremel, and got one of the metal wires in my thumb. I couldn't even see it but everytime I rubbed my thumb I felt it. Dug it out eventually. 

    What microscope did you get?

    ordinary one was Brunel microscopes ltd one but there is no model name or number.

    the one for the pc is "Bysameyee Handheld 40X-1000X"  which is ok but somw time does not focus far enough away to get good dig at the splinter :)

    sorry if we are highjacking your thread Bordfunker

  6. On 03/02/2021 at 10:07, Colin Lindsay said:

    No matter how much damage I've done to myself over the years, cuts bruises and breakages, scars and holes to prove it, nothing gives me more grief than the absolutely tiny thorn in my fourth finger that tormented me all night. Couldn't see it at all, every time I moved my finger it caught against something and was sooo annoying. Dug it out this morning with a pin so the thorn is gone but the finger still hurts.

    Get yourself a microscope Colin. Best thing I ever done. So easy to find the smallest splinter or bit of metal from a cheap screw. Just upgraded to one that conect to a screen. Brilliant for that difficult angle. 

    Then plenty of neet  detol   :):)


  7. I did see one on flebay £125, I think it was newton commercials end of line sort of thing as I don't see them listed in their cataloge. but there hasn't been any listed for a while now.

    but I would think they would have the patern so could make one up if needed.

  8. Guest what I found today tucked away nice and safe in a box in the attic rooms.


    a Herald coupe headlining that I bought from John kippling back on 23/08/94 and it cost £41


    but it is the  longhorn type, not the right one for my coupe, so I'll have to use it as a template for the right matirial when it arrivesP1060551.thumb.JPG.3561b96034ac9dae420e2b115cd79728.JPG


    just goes to show. put stuff away safe and sound and you will find it one day. maybe not when you want it but you will find it,,, one day 😁


  9. the plate on the underside of the centre outrigger ( that atached to the chassis) had holes in the middle on my original chassis. I can remember they were'nt on some new ones I had bought so I drill them to make them look the same.

    must had fitted to them... some how

  10. Perhaps it's just there to confuse us all 😊

    On 05/01/2021 at 19:15, Colin Lindsay said:

    I had actually wondered about that, but can't work out which bits would need to be lifted / prised about so much that you need a special tool for it.


  11. I had one with a s/s exhaust. From John Kipplings  many years ago . I aways thought it was to support the exhaust pipe in the middle and bolted to the hole in the middle outrigger bottom plate. Didn't put it on.  Didn't seem to need it

    Maybe it's a fitting aid 

  12. 23 hours ago, Neil Clark said:

    I got stuck on these bushes.  They just would not sit down in the "cups" and I couldn't get them settled enough to tighten the nuts.  Along comes the wife and says "why don't you use WD40? to make them slide in".  I don't know why I hadn't but she was right.

    I have various liquids for lubrication in small containers in the garage for just that sort of thing.  There’s silicone lube, Vaseline, fiery liquid, soap, KY, and a wd40 type of thing. You never know when you are going to need the right sort of lubrication. 😲

    My Dad always used a bit of soap on woodscrews to help them in. that was before the days of impact drivers😊

  13. never understood why you would start the bidding at £1 with a  reserve. if you have a reserve start it at that  with Offers.

    very nice though. would love it. always like a van. wounder were they got the seats done?


  14. Definitely original, I have had the car since 1980 and it was basically scrap then. The back seat area had one big thick peace of sheet metal welded over the mostly none excitant original as did the front foot wells. The boot floor was ply screwed to the rust. The best bit on the car was the chassis as years of dripping oil had completely covered it in thick oily goo. Believe it or not it had an MOT and I drove it back home from Ashford in Kent with its “slipping clutch “the reason the lady was selling it.


    This is a photo from back in 1982 after the chassis was shot-blasted and coated, did not think to photograph it this time when the body was off. All the central rails where in excellent condition as I said coated in oil and dirt. You can just see the fixings. The speed nut things in side are fairly chunky.


    and the parts catalogue does list them as screws .... It’s all rather confusing really! PhotoScan2.thumb.jpg.a59cedf80d45f122ee45df2b4eea9e53.jpg

  15. 2 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

    im pretty sure the only acme threaded bolts were used with spire clips in area 4 where the two sheet panels overlap and screw into the cross member 

    all others are std unf bolts and cage plates etc

    are you dreaming about this type of fixing    certainly never used on main body mounts 


    my coupe (in the picture) is an very early car all the back body fittings are that type of fitting in to a plate fixed to the chassis two under the back seat two in the boot by the axle tunnel and four at the back of the boot, two under the fuel tank side and two on the opposit side fixed to the rear outriggers.

  16. Anybody know if the body mounting bolts on the early Heralds, I think where are call speed bolts, are avalible new?  sort of a big screw with a bolt type head.

    there looks like there were a couple of sizes used, but the only ones I have found in stores are no where near as big. just in case! I don't suppose anyone would know how to work out the size of them, (never could get the hang of bolt and nut thread sizes!) so I can search the tinternet.

    below is where they are used.


    thank you !

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