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  1. I have an auto adjusting slave cylinder on the GT6 that no longer auto adjusts and I cant find a replacement. Teeth missing and ratchet not working either Anyone know where I can get one please ? Thanks Kevin
  2. Does anyone have a scrap dashboard that I can buy. Don’t care what condition because all I want to do is to remove my current one and refurbish it but want to be able to drive car at the same time Thanks Kevin
  3. Doug. Where is your oil gauge pls. Mine is on the passenger dashboard. Thanks kevin
  4. Sorry been away. Pipes new and flexible ones replaced last year. I think I’ll risk a general fluid swap only and report back if unsuccessful. Sounds best to flush so I’ll suck out mineral first then flush with silicone. The volume is small so wastage won’t break the bank as shown in the Buckeye report, the mineral is heavier so won’t float to the top unfortunately so expect a bit of a flush will be required kevin
  5. I too explored shortening the pipe and couldn’t and the guys at Moss suggested strongly against trying. I have the coil behind the passenger shelf. It doesn’t affect function as far as I can tell kevin
  6. Ok so I’m going flexi with silicone. What do I need to do to the brake system to commonise the fluid to silicone all round? Re tunnel. I bought a strip of the sponge sealing tape that worked ok on the sides but was miles off at the front top. I made up some clips that screw in from the engine bay to close the gap, again into anchor nuts. A round of duct tape does the rest. I also insulated it with the film from merlin motorsport kevin
  7. Thanks all. Adrian, funnily enough I’ve already made the access panel as shown. It’s held on at the back with anchor nuts kevin
  8. All. Just had the bonnet up and seen that the GT6 clutch master cylinder has been weeping and eaten the paint on the bulkhead. Im going to replace with a new unit as I did seals a few years ago but whilst at I thought that I might replace the pipe as well as I think it’s the original and must be pretty fatigued by now. What’s recommended, go for the solid pipe or get a braided rubber hose? Also, does anyone know how to neutralise the leaked fluid and prevent further erosion ? thanks kevin
  9. Thanks. Don’t think double sided will work. The gaps are huge. If I use pu, can you ever remove or will it remove the body paint as well ? kevin
  10. All I need to find a way or attach the rear “horseshoe” trims on the GT6 mk 3 boot. I couldn’t find new ones to fit so have re chromed the old ones but I’m reluctant to use the original clips because of the damage they have already done to the paintwork and body i was thinking silver sealant of some sort. Any ideas pls thanks Kevin
  11. Paul. Link doesn’t work for me. It’s directing me to a google mail account. Any further clues pete yes tried a few but haven’t found one that has replacement vinyl material Thanks kevin
  12. Can you provide contact details for the Webasco sunroof refurbished please mine is split and now leaking. Needed for GT6 thanks kevin
  13. All resolved. Went to Moss today and bought their switch. It works fine! Rimmer have a duff batch. Kevin
  14. Took it apart to see and the rocker switch element rubs on a metal h section that makes the contacts. Problem is that this h section sits on two metal lumps which are the back end of pins 3&4 so they are always going th be connected what spit was the wiring diagram taken from pls kevin
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