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  1. Steve, the very best of luck with the PV444; an excellent choice in my opinion. A really sturdy, iconic car that takes me right back to Tom Trana and the RAC Rally although his car may have been a 544. Same breed same stance. I too am sorry to see you leave but for everyone, there comes a time to move on. Kind regards Jphn
  2. You are right course Clive, race suit boots, gloves and helmet are expensive so yes £1k to get your car on the line is not unreasonable. But everything stays in date for a few years so the annual cost is perhaps not much different from the cost of a track day. Unfortunately, I've started to suffer from motion sickness so I doubt I'll be able to explore the limits of the V8 on the track. I could manage a hill climb or sprint though
  3. A non--race National B licence is only £45 Clive. Not a huge outlay to make a start in competitive motorsport. You know you want to!
  4. No I haven't Clive. Stephen very kindly sent me the photos when I was considering putting a two and a half in the Lightweight. I think he posted under another name. I'll have a hunt.
  5. Not a MK3 Spitfire but hopefully these photos will show what needs to be done. (credit Stephen Attenborough) John
  6. That's a really happy story Chris. Good onya.
  7. Let's hope the DVLA apply the 8 point rule Richard.
  8. I've just come across this post on the Ginetta Owners Club forum; Press release 18 December 2017 Vehicles of Historical Interest (VHI): Substantial Change Guidance Most vehicles manufactured or first registered over 40 years ago will, as of 20 May 2018, be exempt from periodic testing unless they have been substantially changed1. Large goods vehicles (i.e. goods vehicles with a maximum laden weight of more than 3.5 tonnes) and buses (i.e. vehicles with 8 or more seats) that are used commercially will not be exempted from periodic testing at 40 years. A vehicle that has been substantially changed within the previous 30 years will have to be submitted for annual MoT testing. Whether a substantially changed vehicle requires re-registration is a separate process. Keepers of VHIs exempt from periodic testing continue to be responsible for their vehicle’s roadworthiness. Keepers of vehicles over 40 years old can voluntarily submit vehicles for testing. Keepers of VHIs claiming an exemption from the MoT test should make a declaration when renewing their vehicle tax. The responsibility to ensure the declared vehicle is a VHI and meets the criteria, rests with the vehicle keeper as part of their due diligence. If a vehicle keeper is not sure of the status of a vehicle, they can consult a marque or historic vehicles expert, a list of whom will be available on the website of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. If a vehicle keeper cannot determine that the vehicle has not been substantially changed, they should not claim an exemption from the MoT test.
  9. I've read that mechanical faults contribute to less than 3% of crashes involving vehicles of 40 years old and more. This is the reason given for MOT exemption. This figure increases to 6% on more modern vehicles. John
  10. If you are determined to insure the Herald, the general opinion is to avoid all Firms who specialise in insuring classics. Go to mainstream companies who will give you the best deal. Insuring young drivers is completely beyond my comprehension. Our 17 year old grandson has just insured an 06 plated 140bhp Audi A4 S-Line Estate for less than he was offered on a 2000 1.4 Astra. How does that work?
  11. I can't see any reason why an Insurer should ask for proof of road worthiness. The onus on that rests with the owners and woe betide them if, in the event of a crash the vehicle, is found to be defective. I have a '59 Land Rover that has been tax exempt for a year or two now and in that time the insurers haven't contacted me to ask if it is in good order. There are a huge number of Vintage, PVTs and cars of the 50s that have been MOT exempt for a while and I cannot see that with the threshold extended to let in more that things will change. Just my opinion.
  12. Of the 42 items up for sale, all but 6 sold so a good result. My thanks to all you TSSC members who bid and were successful. I hope you are pleased with your purchases. regards John
  13. One thing I'm sure of, is that the Government will bear in mind the multi billion pound classic vehicle industry that brings revenue into their coffers and I doubt there'll want to risk jeopardising any of that income by effectively killing off large parts of it by introducing more legislation. In addition, there's a huge number of classic car owners and I question whether they have resources to mail everyone with a questionnaire and send outsourced inspectors to look at each vehicle that has been in any way modified from standard. The 8 point rule has been in force since the '90s and when the dust has settled I have a feeling that not much will have changed and that that rule will still be the yardstick by which they judge what goes where. But let's wait and see.
  14. Sorry Steve, I've only just picked this up. Been a bit busy lickin'n'stickin. The arm and release bearing are on their way to you. I hope you'll be pleased but full refund if not. Kind regards John
  15. This may be against the rules, and if so, my apologies and Mods please remove the post. However, some of the parts I've listed may be vital to someone's restoration so just a heads up. Being Triumphless, I have had a workshop clear out and have listed 42 items on Ebay. This link will take you to one of the items and then just click on "See other items" for the others. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122829950687?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  16. I think I have a spring lifter somewhere and also a hub puller. These won't be needed now so if I can find them both are for sale.
  17. True John but in a panic situation I doubt many of us would have the presence of mind to cadence brake. ABS does that automatically, allows the car to stop in the minimum distance and as you rightly say, the driver remains able to steer, hopefully where safety lays.
  18. Well, my suggestion Neil is next time you come down our way we take your car into Berrybrook Morgan in Exeter and they do the job while you wait. I found them very obliging when they balanced up my my wire wheels (before I changed to alloys)
  19. Neil, have you thought of getting your local Morgan dealer to balance them up for you? They do wire wheels all the time on their cars and should have no problem with yours. regards John.
  20. My recommendation would be to go direct to Owen Springs in Rotherham. They make them and you cannot do better than a Sheffield spring. In addition to the standard springs they will at no extra charge uprate to your specification. Nice people to deal with too.
  21. Same as Dave, I've got a 1500 engine free to anyone who can collect it. A few GT6 bits as well.
  22. Nice to hear from you Aaron, The GOC forum is closed to members but I am also writing up the G15 rebuild on Club Torque, the Club Triumph forum. It's in the Specials section. Anyone can read it. Seems odd to be Triumphless after quite a number of years but one thing is certain that I definitely will stay in touch with all the good friends I've made here. Best regards John
  23. It certainly was a bit of a wrench Gully but I desperately need another major project. I don't have the resources to sustain two classics so the Lightweight had to make way for the next one. The G15 is an interesting exercise but being fibreglass it hasn't satisfied the need in me to make a body. It's early days yet and I haven't decided what the next move is going to be. In the meantime I can start assembling the suspension onto the G15 chassis for the final time which will be nice knowing I'm on the last lap.
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