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  1. John, Are you saying that the bearings that you have will fit a large journal camshaft - i.e. the ID of the bearings is 50mm ?
  2. Colin, it’s the MK3 camshaft with bearings in the block. Same camshaft part number as the MK3 engine
  3. Nick, The early MKIV Spit engine (pre FH25000HE) has a large journal crank, but is fitted with the MK3 Spitfire Camshaft. I've got FH4HE in my stock of core engines, and FH6xxHE in my very early MKIV Spit. The engine is perkier than the later MKIV Spit engine, but not as high revving as the MK3 engine.
  4. Nick, the early MKIV has camshaft bearings as its camshaft is the same one as fitted to the MkIII engine.
  5. KevinR


    This is supposed to be the J This is supposed to be the Jokes section, not the REALITY section. This is how I have to dress to hold my cats whilst SWMBO uses a pill insertion tool to get the worming tablet down their throats. Looks sweet and innocent, doesn't she !
  6. Bob, It works for me - what is the error message you are getting ?
  7. Colin has a LONG LONG way to go to get Grand Master - but he will get a different badge when he hits 10,000
  8. Please keep things civil - the most recent set of postings deleted. Please don't force me to give anyone warning points
  9. Pete, can you try pressing CTRL and F5 simultaneously. This will cause a dumping of any cached version of the page and reload it all from the server.
  10. There are 13 ranks to progress through, with the 13th rank being “Grand Master”. The update got rid of the dots to designate rank and replaced it with a small image file, and by default they were all set to the Blue rocket. to get something more meaningful up quickly, I’ve used the rank badges from Karate, starting with a white belt, going up to a black belt. The Dan grades then get a yellow band added to the black square. The last 2 grades have shooting star logos. Pete being the only person to achieve the top grade. Colin will hit the 2nd from top in the next few days. I’m still working through the list correcting points scores as the new ranks are based on a combination of reputation and postings made, but they ignored the previous posting count when the upgrade was applied, so each person has to be manually corrected. Posting totals up to the 700’s have been corrected, those below 700 will have to wait a few days. don’t know what Pete’s problem is, it’s not something I’m changing, it could be his browser. In particular, the Forum no longer supports the use of Internet Explorer, but this is not new with the latest update.
  11. All, We applied a security update last night and it's also changed a few other things that will take a little while to change things to look better again. One of the things it did was to change the rank structure from using the number of posts one made to use a new counter called "points" and you get points for each post as well as for each like that your post attracts. Unfortunately it didn't copy the existing post count into the points score - I'm working on resolving this, but its very slow and at the moment needs me to manually adjust the points count for each member, and with several thousand members with a post count greater than 1 it will take a while - I'm looking at an automatic way, but I don't want to screw it up.
  12. Hopefully fixed, button colour was still set to #000000
  13. It’s more than a few posts you need to catch Pete.
  14. Just below the number of posts that Pete has made. Colin has a long way to catch up.
  15. Cheers Craig, I’ll go digging in the configuration later. Looks like I might have slipped up when resetting the colour theme after I set it all Dark/black following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.
  16. Craig, What device and browser are you using - the button is present and very clear in Chrome on Win 10 and Safari on IOS 14.X
  17. I had to do something as someone else is getting dangerously close to 10th Dan.
  18. Matthew, The end of outrigger, where it has the bolt to the body doesn't look quite right. It looks like its been incorrectly jacked up using it and been bent.
  19. On the basis that all threads on here manage to drift, that would put all threads in one heading, and that would then make it no different to Facebook !
  20. A good starting point for an old car would probably be something like the "AA Book of the Car" https://www.google.com/search?q=aa+book+of+the+car&client=avast-a-2&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=tsNNOmvvCUeYUM%2C4z0KQgXYNhjbvM%2C%2Fg%2F12bm9dsv3&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRHno2WlI6RpwBYfp9Senx2w1k02g&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj77eO21rDwAhVLiFwKHeNCBCcQ_B16BAgmEAI&biw=1366&bih=635#imgrc=tsNNOmvvCUeYUM
  21. Just think of it as plumbing for smoke and you cant go too far wrong. If you do make a mistake and the smoke escapes, then Lucas make a "Smoke Replacement Kit" that will soon get you going again http://www3.telus.net/bc_triumph_registry/smoke.htm 😈
  22. If you look at them carefully, the make should be moulded into the rubber.
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