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  1. Thanks Roger, A 14'' leather one had just appeared on eBay for £40 sold by a Morgan dealer so I snapped it up, looks to be in good nick. I'll see how I fit under it (I'm old too ) Brian
  2. I have standard 165 15s so should not be as much an issue. I've already decided on leather rather than wood, mainly from the comfort aspect - the standard wheel already gets the fingers tingling sometimes on a long run even with the benefit of springy spokes.
  3. Having just re-foamed my drivers seat base I'm no longer sitting on the floor , but now I find I struggle to get my legs under my standard 16'' wheel (I'm a long-legged 6ft). I'm considering a leather-rimmed moto-lita, but am torn between 13'' and 14''. The former obviously gives more room, but more muscle needed at parking speeds. Also the Moto-lita site says leather rim wheel is slightly larger than stated size whereas wood-rim is slightly smaller, just to confuse matters. Any experience or advice please? I've scoured the TR reg forum and opinion seems divided... BTW advice seems to be flat rather than dished in order to easily reach overdrive switch. Thanks!!
  4. An update (obviously I took a long time getting around to sorting this :-) I've since moved and the owner of my local garage is well up on classics so I got him to have a look. He had it up on the lift with another chap slipping the clutch in gear with the brakes hard on. He diagnosed play in the drive shaft splines as suspected. After doing some research on the other TR forums I got some new shafts from Proptech in Hartlebury. They have splines coated with some sort of plastic, sealed and greasable, and GKN heavy duty UJs (I had to fettle the stub axle yokes somewhat to get the spiders in). So a bit of an upgrade, and not much more ££ than standard ones. The CV type shafts are about 4 times the price! I wouldn't think justifiable unless you have a highly tuned car and do lots of miles? I also replaced that little spring at the bottom of the gearstick, so now I have a much less clunky and buzzy machine! Brian.
  5. Thanks for the advice chaps - guess I need to take a closer look at the shafts and bushes. Is it possible to check spline wear without removing the shafts?
  6. Hello, I've had this annoying clunk from the rear end on the over-run ever since I've had the car, over 3 years now, and I'm trying to tie down its source. Originally I thought it was hub spline wear on the wire wheels but I replaced these some time ago. There is now 2mm play at the rims which I would have thought is OK. I can't feel any play in the half shaft UJs. (its an IRS) However, there seems to be a lot of backlash in the diff. With one back wheel off the ground and the car in gear, I get about 25mm of play at the wheel rim before the prop shaft moves. So my question is, is this normal or excessive? The diff was a recon unit from Rimmers about 10k miles ago. Thanks, Brian.
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