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  1. Thanks Mark. i'll have a check, although i set them not long ago. Maybe I need to run car for a while, its not really been anywhere for 18 months
  2. Spitfire is missing slightly, mainly when you take foot off of accelerator then on back on again. Is this to do with dampers on the carbs, if so, how full should they be and with what? Thanks in advance Coxy
  3. Hi, I've had trouble starting my 1978 Spitfire. It runs out of battery before the fuel gets to the carbs. My question, is it worth fitting an electric fuel pump and if so which do you recommend? Thanks Steve
  4. Found the wire behind dash. all works great now. Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks for your help. Thats tomorrows job sorted
  6. its a 1500 spitfire. The light green/live wire is there but nothing on the other connection. Haynes manual says its green/blue. cant see it in the mass of spaghetti behind dash. Dont mind running a new wire, just wasnt sure of wire thickness
  7. I have been unable to locate the sender wire at gauge end. If I ran a new wire , does it have to be a certain thickness/type of wire.
  8. Hi, Just a quick up-date. I took the points out and the low-tension wire had come unsoldered/seperated from the points. Resoldered it and put it all back together and the car fired up first time. I thought it would be something stupid. I'm still wanting to fit the electronic ignition but i'll save that for another day. Thanks for you're help, until the next problem, Steve
  9. Almost forgot. Thanks as always
  10. Sparkrite kit5 I'll check the insulation on points spring
  11. I've just tried to fit electronic ignition to my 1500 spitfire. I couldn't get it to fire at all so I swapped it all back to points and it still wont fire. Turns over but no spark. Please help I'm going mad
  12. I took gearbox out last night, just giving everything good clean before I put it back together. I've welded a washer on the top of the pin
  13. Had to take gearbox out. Looking at it, I would never have got everything lined up from the outside
  14. Should I put any sort of lube on the input shaft and release bearing before I put gearbox back on
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