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  1. Now about the GB sticker. Any any one?
  2. Roger. Sorryabout my answer. Yes i have fitted a spacer on top of a differential. On our 1500 spitfire as you know this has a swing spring as has the GT6mk3 none Roto. I took out the rear spring leaving the 2 Studs rear top then then drop the block on top .Now for extra room to move the spring with SW Hausing support the diff, and lower the diff just 3cm there is enough room its a bit tight but works.The exhaust back box must also be removed. I found it difficult to put the studs in to locate the holes so leaving 2 studs in place made fitting easy. Also check the length of your studs I had to put longer ones in "lower the Diff, more room" Don't tighten the spring down on top of Diff,leave nuts enough to hold in place. Replace Diff, using a spring lifter place the outer bolts in place then the drive shafts ,know tighten down the nuts on the Studs. With the wheels back on put a support under the wheels the weight of the car will help. spring end bolts can be tighten up. I hope this helps you. The thing was it didn't Work very well got a new spring from Owen's. Chris
  3. Hi Roger. I had the same sort of problem with our spitfire 1500 and our GT6 mk2. I had 3 different springs from suppliers of Triumph parts! Try "Owen springs" sales @ owensprings.co.uk these Guys make very good Leaf springs.The ride height now after 5 years is still good. I have fitted one to a Friends Spitfire GT6 conversion . Chris.
  4. Hallo and thank you everyone for your input on this a topic . It does seem there are differences of opinions on along term this kit could be a winner ! So I will stay with with what I've got traditional Trunnions for now. If some one can give us fearther comments this would be valuable info. stay safe
  5. Hi there just a question . Rimmers have a Trunnionless Kit Nr :- RG 1319. Can any one OR has any one tried this kit? I look forward to any one's comments P.S. I am a GT6 Fanatic
  6. I have been a member of TSSC since 2004!! Also we are members of the Swiss Spitfire club Notheast region since 2003.

    I am as always working on the cars just love it! The Gt6 and our 1500 I drive them all year round. When the salt has been put on the roads then I wait.


  7. Hallo and thank you for your reply's. To drill out the rubber Lugs (knobs) that makes sense thanks Pete. When I have the column on the table the idea was to soak it in WD40 and punch out the old bushes! There's along thin bush that I think goes through the column switches Part NoFAM2406 one just's pushes out the old push in the new? I'll see what happens!🤨 Cheers Chris
  8. HI I am about to replace the steering column bushes in my 1500 Spitfire. has any body done this? and do I need special tooling. The reason for doing this is I have a new Steering wheel with boss ( Mota Lita) Xmas present. I have replaced bushes on my GT6mk2 but the top bush is long and different to that I know of. There is slight play in the column also the indicator column switch will be replaced.
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