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  1. I think that is a general assumption that old cars have crap brakes, some do in fact, think cable operated rear wheel only on some very early cars, but Triumphs do not, Triumphs have good brakes when maintained properly. Now how do we mount a campaign to tell everybody that poor brakes on a Triumph is a fault, and just to poke the hornet nest, you don't need a servo to make them better.
  2. Has the car had updated lever arms fitted? does it look like there has always been additional weight carried in boot, a heavy tool box perhaps? i suspect it is just fatigue over a long period, especially if chassis was deemed OK when it was rebuilt Are you sorted for the welding? I think a few patches may be the best bet for now, put some strength back in, but still removable when the body comes off next for a proper repair
  3. I remember going to Southend to Maplins (well Westcliffe on Sea) to buy bits and bobs, also Hammersmith branch. Still have my catalogue with the Spaceship on it somewhere. It all went wrong for them when they tried to branch out away from their original customer base, and opened loads of branches in expensive locations.
  4. It is Mr Khan and his cronies being a pain, he is trying to dissuade you from avoiding his obnoxious charge by pretending you have to pay it. Do some searching online.
  5. I am sure I read that some of the DVLA staff WFH are doing a very good job, gettting through their boxes of work very quickly and efficiently, and others are lazy and slow and doing a poor job. Both are paid the same, so you can see the issue, there is no incentive to be the former.
  6. The coloured paint usually indicated ratio. Red is 3.89 I think. The paint colour changed by model, so 1 colour on 1 model may not be same ratio on another. I think pink is 3.63
  7. Nice looking CP car, strong money, but well worth a look I reckon.
  8. You can get an Avon ZT7 at about £50 a corner. They seem to get good reviews. I have had some really good Maxxis, am using 195/65-15 on the 2000 at the moment. A few models available in 14 inch. The Unitoyal rain Expert are about £60 a corner. I have Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance on the TR, they are brilliant, but Not available in 14inch The efficient Grip Compact are £80 a corner, as are Michelin Cross Climate
  9. Oh, and what Mazda seats do you have for sale, and how much??? 🙂
  10. I am in Colchester and you are welcome to come and have a sit in my 2000. it has Alfa seats at the moment (156 Momo ones with no armrest, which are not the ones most people fit), from my other 2000. You will very easily get comfortable in a 2000, especially a Mk2, as column adjusts. Cheers
  11. You showed a picture of a sill with a black dotted pattern on it. looks decidedly crusty, seems frilly along bottom edge. Migh,t just be poor weld. if it passed an MOT today, perhaps it is solid
  12. The spare wheel, when bolted down, forms part of the rear crash structure. So yes, I have 1 in both my Spitfires.
  13. The smell may well be the breather pipes. Though it is a PI, so,smells came factory fitted
  14. At least one of the sills needs major surgery or replacement.
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