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  1. Not sure if this has been moved but it may be worth running some fine emery or crocus paper between the points to just give them a clean. I used to do this "back in the day" after leaving my car standing for months whilst at sea.
  2. Those dash switches are not standard so you will needto trace the wires, good luck
  3. Sounds like an airlock to me, fill the system really slowly letting air escape as the water displaces it, then with the rad cap off run the engine until no more air bubbles are seen. Can be worth getting the front of the car higher so it encourages the air to vent and possibly loosening the top hose replacing it once water is running freely.
  4. Outrigger can be replaced with the body on, Southern Triumph Services are in Bournemouth only 30 miles from you and will be able to do this work. I have never used them but heard good things (NFI etc). http://www.southerntriumph.com/
  5. PJM Stag


    Someone in the Derwent valley goup must know a "friendly" mot tester, this group are also very helpful in fact you may get inundated with advice
  6. You can try packing out the lower fixings with washers until the alignment is more acceptable, I am sure an expert will be along shortly
  7. A handful of cement powder can absorb oil stains but it may have been left too long. I would try it and leave it down for a week or so then clean with a paste made from bio washing powder and hot water rinse as post #4
  8. Doesn't look as if they do any Herald items. As far as I know they only supply complete bumper kits, front, rear or both. I do know they ask for original items as patterns to work from but this can be a drawn out process with the items going backwards and forwards until they get it right. May be worth a try getting in touch
  9. I have just fitted stainless steel bumpers to my Stag from Harrington. They look great and are an easy fit. I just had to use longer bolts on the rear bumper to accomodate the towbar. http://www.groupharrington.com/en/part/700/triumph-spitfire-mk3-gt6-mk2-bumpers.html
  10. I think most stag owners who have done this job fit them together as a unit. Using the same process as when removing the unit raise the back of the car as high as possible to reduce the angle required.
  11. PJM Stag

    New Forest Run

    Jezza, I'm going provided I get the car all sorted in time, busy at the moment reinstalling the interior having collected it from the bodyshop a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately I have a secret weapon (Doug) who has restored 2 and working on his third. There are lots of Stags making the run. You need to register beforehand in case anyone else is thinking of going. Provided the weather is fine it should be a good run.
  12. http://www.triumphspitfirelemans.com/phdi/p1.nsf/supppages/3409?opendocument&part=4
  13. Fuel pump or cr*p in the fuel lines/tank gradually blocking off the fuel supply, disintegrating fuel line
  14. Check all the connections in the circuit are clean and tight whilst you are at it
  15. The suggestion for a "by model" section is right in my humble opinion, then I can dip in or out as I wish offering advice if I can. In the short term as others have said at least start the topic by being model specific so we can identify where we mau have an interest or be able to offer advice. I dont visit very often as I find it a pita to trawl through every post to see what it relates to.
  16. Having been before, tickets can be bought for each day or the whole weekend, you make your selection as part of the ordering process, alterntaively you could give them a ring.
  17. Yeah straight forward job and can make a big difference to handling/stance. Not sure if different springs are still available but make sure you get the right spring for what you need e.g. heavy duty, lowered etc.
  18. Talk to Mike Papworth he knows all about diffs, what is possible and what is not, satisfied customer, nfi
  19. Probably half his asking price, my first spitfire cost £500 from ebay with a stuck on clutch, cost £2K to get it on the road in the end and took 9 months. Worth every penny for the grin factor
  20. New wheel arches, bare metal respray, new door cards and carpets and a load of other stuff I cant tell swmbo
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