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  1. It’s a Thomas Industries not sure of the model number (see photos) it needed a new hose (as the original one was split) and I got a modern cheap (£10) gravity fed spray gun (as the original one wasn’t working well) it now sometimes needs a little encouragement to get going, but it’s done it’s job!😀
  2. Thanks! That’s good to know😀 (first soft top I’ve fitted) a couple more photos I took today
  3. Thanks for your comments! The roof arrived yesterday, so another busy full day, and it’s done!!
  4. Cellulose and a £40 1970s compressor/sprayer I got off eBay! it took quite a bit of flatting back, compound, t cut & polish to get it looking as good as it does now!
  5. Yes, it passed very quickly, I have been flat out on it for 11 weeks solid! Yes, I did! I did most of the painting in November when it was slightly warmer, plus I heated the surfaces and dried the paint as needed I took everything off I could and did it all separately in small stages, then moved the tar polling and painted the rest. here was my “spray booth”
  6. I’ve been told today that the roof/hood (a red one) is finally on it’s way to me now (I ordered it mid December!) so I’ll keep you posted on when that’s done The old one is only just holding on! Every time I move it it splits more (especially the windows) I believe it’s original!
  7. thanks! I fitted a 13/60 loom to the whole front (as the best dashboard I could find for it was a 13/60) so the temperature gauge and everything else is working fine!
  8. You're right! I should of left them there for the mother in Law!!😃 Yes, very little welding was needed to the floor or chassis It is now on the road and running great! finished apart from the roof
  9. so, to cut a long story short...........
  10. It's done!! outside (or in a gazebo) .........in 11 weeks (apart from the roof, which i'm having trouble with supply! more on that later)
  11. it was very solid, and only needed very little welding as you can see by photos
  12. I brought a new project in October as I predicted we were going to have another lockdown! so it arrived mid November
  13. Hi, does anyone know what size allen key is needed to remove the heater control knobs on a gt6/spitfire? I seem to have lost the one i've used before so i need a new one thanks
  14. If you loosen the clamp on the steering rod (from the steering wheel, next to the top of the clutch pedal) plus loosen the front and rear column bolts the whole column and steering wheel can be adjusted forward and back
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