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  1. Hi, I need to quickly find my paint code and whilst the VIN is off the car, I can't put my hand on it. Any idea what code my white Bond would be? Thanks, Calvin
  2. Thank you gents, Minty Lamb was one I was thinking about. I have those tyres on my modern, they are very good. Calvin.
  3. While I'm thinking about it, how do our (Bond/Spits etc.) perform on asymmetric tyres? I seem to remember this being discussed in the past. Cheers, Calvin.
  4. Hi all, I'd like to put 14" wheels/tyres on my Bond. What size tyre allows me to use my current speedometer without adjustment? Was there not a calculator which told you this information a few years ago? Thanks, Calvin.
  5. Can anyone tell me the distance in the Herald boot measured between the two sides, on the floor, from the first quarter valance mounting bolt nearest the opening, if that makes sense. We have a boot floor in, but now the quarter valances don't meet up with the centre valance, a long way out yet we braced the top of the wings. Can't work out what we did wrong. Help? Calvin
  6. All good, everything disconnected apart from the bolts at the rear jacking points, they are trapped by the lift, will sort those tomorrow night with some axle stands and my friend Mr Grinder.
  7. Thanks gents, will check on my 1200 coupe. I think I have done them all, it might be a case of 50 years of age related stuckness. Do we just lift up or does it need lifting backwards and across with a lean to the left and a jiggle to the right if you get my drift?
  8. Evening all, so the roof has come off, the bolts to the tub are all out, I think, the tube doesn't want to shift, any ideas? Please? Calvin.
  9. Thanks Pete, may have missed the one in the mirror mounting at the front, I have taken off the one which holds the mirror on, but didn't see one behind it, will check again tonight. Lost my Haynes manual too! Calvin
  10. Good evening all, I have been stripping down my 62 coupe and have completely unbolted the roof at the back and the front. 1) How many bolts are at the front? 2) is it just stuck down after 53 years of use and how do I remove it without damaging it? Help or advice would be great, have tried putting some wood under it and winding down the lift but it is picking up the car on it, many thanks in anticipation, Calvin
  11. Hi Anthony, as a long time Francophile, French teacher, French car and Triumph enthusiast, I thought I might introduce myself. John has an interest in Vitesse 2.5 pi, his Son of Silverback race car is road worthy and has done a lap of the old Reims circuit which at one stage was on You Tube. Anyway, France is certainly the place to be for classic driving, your car will also be revered where ever you go. Cheers Calvin.
  12. Just ordered the appropriate bendy hose from Merlin Motorsport, can't wait to fit it. Can take my TR out then and sort my new hydraulic lift. YAY!
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