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  1. As said above, chop it out and weld in new steel. With regard to tig welding on the thickness of car bodies I dont think tig,mig makes any difference.
  2. Frightening, my parents both smoked when I was growing up, I did try one at 15 but turned green, never smoked in my life since, I've never had any problems with my lungs etc but wonder what their like inside, I'm 65 now.
  3. I'm a dundee born man, worst accent known to man, and I spoke it fluently, then at 15 moved to Newcastle where I then worked all my life, had to learn and master geordie as they couldn't understand my Dundonian, retired now I live near Glasgow, scottish accent hasn't come back, I can understand them ok but they not me so much. I know a couple of Geordies up here and when we talk together scottish friends are lost. At work I worked with a welshman, he was really broad had to repeat himself many times. And his accent never changed.
  4. Ian Faulds


    My friends bmw 330 ,dealer said needed pads and discs, £525, I checked for him, weren't even half worn and no lip on discs which were fine. It's no wonder main dealers are so hated when all they do is rip innocent people off.
  5. I wouldn't force anything, patience is best here, I'd take it back out and recheck everything
  6. the fox's big brother wimpus, spotted at the park ,ha ha
  7. I also have a 4th dimension portal in my garage, its quite active and must be magnetic as many things fall in never to be seen again.😅
  8. Ian Faulds


    In japan its the same, approx 95% of all home market cars are autos, all the young people only pass the auto test. My wife's dad was a truck driver and he had her do the manual test, but that was 20 years ago. It's rarer now.
  9. Doesn't look right to me, it's not in far enough, don't force it, you'll need to take it out and check the threads.
  10. Yeah, all the green Planet brigade want us in ev cars and useless central heating systems. No one answers how people in flats or terraced houses charge their cars. What about caravans? If they can't be towed how many jobs lost? Or do we see caravans/trailers with stowage space for extra battery packs. These questions are all shyed away from. I read the other day they want to introduce another tax, money to be given to public transport, if your a 2 car family you pay more tax. In the UK public transport will not work, you just need look at the trains at present.
  11. I'm same as you this year, did loads last year on the gt6 but never touched it this year, housework,ferrying kids and god knows what else. Hey ho, into year 12 ha
  12. I agree with you ian, I too am a metal stamping guy and the design of the old American tooling would be interesting. I'm retired now but do miss die work
  13. The guys are all correct, that will come out OK, get on to dent master, they are really good
  14. You'll need to clean up those ragged edges before trying to tap it further in.
  15. Can you not just chisel down to the engine block from the hole and collapse it
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