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  1. Hi. Changed engine oil yesterday. After draining, there was a firmish, crescent shaped piece of sludge left hanging out of the drain hole (sorry if this sums up images of me on the loo). This was about 2 cm between the ends. Like a dark grey metal paste when rubbed between fingers. Magnet on plug, had a bit of the same around it, as is usual. Oil changes yearly, had the car 8 years. A bit intrigued as to where it has come from?. No big deal I guess?. Cheers, Dave
  2. I reckon. A lot of trawling for hardly any catch. Maybe like real trawling nowadays!.
  3. Any tips on that Colin?, I've had a few bargains over the years, mainly something, just listed, at "Buy it now" or the occasional bidding one that has none of the usual interest.
  4. Thanks folks Interested in why, as no info given. Cheers, Dave
  5. Hi. Have been taught on a welding course to use 12 Litres a minute, though a Prof restorer I talked to recently, only used about 6. What have others found?. Cheers, Dave
  6. Yes. Seems to be taking ages, and generally running cooler, I think, though may have coincided with me finally getting the system to pressurise, as now is holding almost a litre more coolent (though could have a dodgy stat for a while as well, I assume).
  7. Hi. looked online but no clues with stat in situ. Wondered if to remove filler cap, start car (when cold) and if coolent movement in top of rad, then suggests stat is stuck open?. Any other tips?. Cheers, Dave
  8. I went for the Landy one (about £13 nowadays, inc delivery), after 2 failures of seal kits in my original girling (could have been a fault in the MC, smoooth, though worn bore?) been on about 5 years, with no prob's so far. Also gave me a much better working clutch, without the pedal, literally to the metal, which I understand is a positive side effect, due to being a slightly different size. The neg side effect is it requires more foot pressure, though I find it ok, especially as can change gear fine with about a third pedal travel (maybe this also helps with reducing thrust wear?)
  9. Have managed one end by drifting off with a punch in the whatsit pin holes. Other no joy, though if It can strip it all from one end , then should be to get, tother end off more easily. If not then maybe not the end of the world, as can still clean it out ok, as it seems a good shaft and rockers (bought very cheap off Ebay, as a small risk). Intend to replace my fairly recent £25 (read prob, crap) new shaft and existing "large rattle fit" original rockers. May as well, will stop me thinking (paranoia?), is that shaft wearing quickly and limiting oil supply to rockers . Don'
  10. Hi. Have read before that they can be difficult, though the only I did before, they came off no prob, just lucky I guess. Have driven the whatsit pins out but no joy. Doesn't appear rusty, so I guess, just a tight fit. Cheers, Dave
  11. Thanks for that. Nice to to know it was the clip rather than me and I'm not going too daft yet?. Dave
  12. I use penetrating fluid, which may help dissolve the oxidation?. Is that stuff any different?.
  13. Hi Steve and welcome if your a new member. is it, a recent purchase that is running like this, or something that has developed since your ownership?. Dave
  14. Or if your a hoarder like me, save it, just in case☺️
  15. Hi. Bought one of these for the bottom hose to rad joint to try out as had been recommended on here I think and a Jubilee clip had failed. Was impressed when it arrived as only just over £2 inc postage and seems well made. However When I ordered it of Ebay, the instructions were to measure the hose outer diameter, fitted to the stub. It was 41mm using a Vernier gauge, which corresponded to a clip size of 40-43 W2 on their site. This was the size stamped on the clip I received. The internal Dia of the clip was about 43/44mm, so went over the hose ok, but only just start
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