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  1. Alternatively it spills all over the carb and onto your best boots. Doug
  2. Chris, Late USA TR6's have Stromberg CDSE 175s on the 2.5, so as Clive says, not big enough? Maybe not the answer you want to hear. Doug
  3. TB, Yeh, tunnel off is an easy, but tedious job, some take the seats out, but it's not necessary, you can wiggle it out. You might like to consider cutting an access hole in the cover, if you haven't already got one, so you can do gearbox top ups. Doug Doug
  4. Brian, Yes it's the "O" ring. And yes, the needle comes out the bottom and the adjuster mechanism is pushed out the top, but you will loose the setting. With the piston out the carb, use the adjusting tool to separate the needle and the adjuster. Also remember that the screw in the side is a locating screw not a clamp, it goes into a slot on the side of the needle and stops the needle from rotating, but allows it to move up and down. So when separating don't take the locating screw out or the needle will just turn around and around. Once separated take the screw out and carefully pull out the needle. And when you put it back together ensure the slot and screw line up! You'll need a small hammer and drift to push the adjuster mechanism out, I used the blunt end of an old drill bit. The Sprag washer can be re-used, it just holds everything in place. I found the new "O" ring once on the adjuster mechanism was a force fit back into the bore. Hammer and drill bit again. Doug
  5. Waitrose only opens between 10am and 4pm on a Sunday. Dreadful! When It was built 20 years they would block off the booze isle at 3pm so we wicked soaks couldn't get at the demon drink. Licensing laws! If we arrived too late we would have to drive to the Muslim 24 hour off license to load up. They never got busted. db
  6. Indeed, but it's a Stromberg on aTR6 so I'm thinking USA and Buckeye Triumphs! db
  7. I had an electric hand brake on my last modern and had the same concern. Does it fail off, or on? If you're on the motorway you want it to fail off, but if the car's parked on a hill you want it to fail on. Never did find out. An OBD2 meter is now essential, my last modern's dashboard would repeatedly light up like a Christmas tree until reset with the magic box. It was all due to rainwater getting into the wiring and causing havoc. I have much the same problem with the Triumph, so not a great deal of progress in automobile technology as you might think. Doug
  8. It needs a new "O" ring. A simple, but fiddly job, best done in a plastic bag to avoid loosing the bits. take the top off the carb, piston out, undo the needle retaining screw and take the needle out. Tap the rest of the assembly back up the barrel. The retaining clip, also known as a sprag washer will fly out, hence the need for the plastic bag. "O" rings are available from the usual suspects, Rimmers are a couple of quid. Doug
  9. My youngest was outraged when the MOT man told her she needed new tyres. "But why?!!" "They're worn out" "Why have they worn out, the car's only 12 years old?!!" The eldest came home from UNI and said her friends were going to Spain on holiday, but she couldn't go as her passport had run out. "Where are they going?" "Newquay" 😱 db
  10. On the other hand one dark midnight I nearly collided with a woman, she started shouting and indeed she had right of way, but I pointed out I might have seen her had she her lights on. You have to cater for the dim witted, they are all around us. And, heated seats, what's not to like? The best thing ever! Doug
  11. Not quite an automatic. One of ours at East Berks is permanently on wheels and has converted his Vitesse to hand controls. Accelerator and brake are straightforward, (apparently ) but clutch is a bit more complicated. He relocated the battery to the boot and in the original battery compartment installed a circuit board with electronics and relays controlling solenoids to work the clutch. The clever thing is all the hand controls are in parallel with the original equipment so anyone can drive the car. I must ask him how this affects the MOT, do they test his modifications or do they just stick to the original controls? Doug
  12. dougbgt6


    They have a new bass player already, Elwood, so ZZ Top merge with the Blues Brothers? db
  13. That is the pertinent point. My car was 5 years old when I bought it, I oiled the trunnions, but another 6 months and BANG! The PO hadn't bothered with maintenance, maintenance was for wimps! I changed both vertical links and trunnions. 40 years later my MOT man said "You got slack trunnions" Stripped it down, VLs OK due to maintenance oil, but trunnions, worn. So, the moral is, oil yer trunnions. Doug
  14. Thames meet in Windsor and East Berks near Maidenhead If you go to the front of the site and click on the Area button you'll find addresses. Thames are OK, but I prefer East Berks, for some reason. Doug
  15. Here is the Canley diagram for GT6, doesn't the fuel vent pipe, 627454, provide pressure relief? Is there something similar on the 13/60? Petrol System - All Markets Except U.S.A. : Canley Classics (Robot lawn mower delayed due to excessive ant's nests, the robot does NOT like them up it.) Doug
  16. Nowt wrong here. Have you tried turning it off and on? db
  17. dougbgt6


    Chris, Beta blockers for you! That's how they caught up with me, 80+ resting heart rate, now I'm down to AF's levels and lower. Incidentally statins ARE part of my BP treatment, you godda think holistically, if your pipes are clogged up yer pump's got to pump harder. Doug
  18. dougbgt6


    AF, Whatever ailment I have my doctor has the same solution “LOOSE WEIGHT!” She told me every 2lbs I loose knocks 1 point off my BP. Only another 50lbs to go. And lay off the salt. I cut back on Cholesterol rich food and that works to an extent. However once you’re on the statins medics are reluctant to take you off. And remember that eggs and avocados were once very bad for us, but are now “super foods” wonder how that happened? Doug
  19. Douglas, Canley Classics and James Paddock are cheapest, Moss and Rimmer bros. most expensive, and a lot of the stock identical. Club shop can be expensive, but they are always on the look out for quality. Which is why they stock Mintex 11/44s! Doug
  20. dougbgt6


    Indeed, But it amuses me that with all the drugs I'm taking my chemist prints the only warning on the Atorvastatin label "DO NOT EAT GRAPEFRUIT" The link here says 1.2 litres of juice is required to have a detrimental effect. Who on earth drinks 1.2 litres of grapefruit juice?!! It would go through you like drain cleaner! Doug
  21. Nah, Put the beer in the freezer, the water content freezes and what remains liquid, is very nice. Doug
  22. Funny you should say that, I've got rid of my bottles, I thought with my pension I can afford to buy beer! But now they're talking about doing away with the triple lock. On top of that THIS has been the situation in Waitrose beer isle since last Monday. I think I made a mistake Doug
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