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  1. I don't have an 'er indoors so the garage ceiling still needs painting a year after the leak. Doug
  2. Well done Colin! And on to the next one. You haven't done a Stag yet? Doug
  3. Nigel, Uh, no, my MK3 had it when I bought it in 1978. So it would only have been 5 years old. Although I do believe late MK3s were built with bits out the spares bin. Doug
  4. Joanna, This is what it looks like, the centre box is barely wider than the pipe, but it does make a difference. My brother has the semi sports on his Spitfire and it is LOUD I prefer the standard system which is loud enough to turn heads. Doug
  5. Due to my recent interest in engine mounts I had a look for them, they're in the on-line shop, but not it the catalogue. That's odd, what else is lurking on-line? Doug
  6. My new system replaces a similar system bought 40 years ago, it was guaranteed for life, but where I bought it from I have no recollection. Probably Rimmers. They don't last forever the baffles and welds deteriorate. Doug
  7. Is there an echo in here? "Last year I had to replace my ignition switch because it wouldn't connect the 6v on start up." Nobody listens to me! Doug
  8. dougbgt6


    Actually that ain't funny, that's exactly where I got it! Doug
  9. You got in before me Nigel! I also have a Bells system from the Club Shop, however mine is standard and has the additional centre box as originally fitted. It did rattle at first but, I re-aligned it all and no problems. Doug
  10. dougbgt6

    Noise camera's

    I once worked for British Airways on their computer systems at Heathrow. I frequently had to visit Load Control, a wooden shed like building on the tarmac. One time Concorde took off, the noise was incredible and the whole building shook. When I went outside to my car, a mini Countryman, I found the shock wave had blown in the windows on one side. Now THAT was loud. Doug
  11. dougbgt6

    Noise camera's

    Bloody is! My brother has a semi sports exhaust on his Spitfire and at it's MOT it was 1db below the limit. It is LOUD and he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Doug
  12. Rich, I've had sludge in the fuel line, rubber slivers and a rogue fibre washer floating about and occasionally blocking the tank outlet. However all these caused rough running before engine death. In this case I would suspect something electrical, loose wire, dodgy connector or electronic ignition. Do you have a biased ignition system? Last year I had to replace my ignition switch because it wouldn't connect the 6v on start up. Doug
  13. I got loose carpets from Coverdale, they could do the colour I wanted, Chestnut, an original Triumph interior, but not available anywhere as a moulded set. Comments on here talk about how good is the tunnel fit, however my observation is that the original GT6 tunnel carpet simply drapes over the tunnel and is not at all fitted. Doug
  14. Yeh, I've had that, a heavy load, but fortunately no beeping. Tyres were at their regular pressure so I put in another 5lb all round, but the light didn't go out till I unloaded. Then I looked at the manual which indicated the tyres could go up to 50psi. Don't think I'd chance that! Doug
  15. There was white or green, but I was strangely drawn to this one. And the interior IS chestnut. If you look closely you can see the steering column on the LH side. the steering wheel does actually turn the wheels. So how they made that mistake I don't know. Also the bonnet is more MK1 than 3 and the wheel centres are Spitfire (black) but the door gaps are good. Doug
  16. This sits on my sock drawer, sadly LHD Even sadder it clearly has a Spitfire engine! Doug
  17. dougbgt6

    Engine mounts

    Chris Witor has replied: ”Sorry not yet. Metalwork is more complex for these” Doug
  18. dougbgt6

    Engine mounts

    No reply from Chris Witor yet, but found these, completion! Is harder better? TRIUMPH TR5, TR6, TR8, GT6, STAG COMPETITION ENGINE MOUNTS (X2) UKC8330 132669 | eBay Doug
  19. You mean Herts and Hants aren't the same place?!! You learn something on here every day! Doug
  20. dougbgt6

    Engine mounts

    Yeh, I sussed that, that's why I've asked him if he does them, I assume they'll be about the same price. But do I NEED them? If I can find quality rubber ones they should see me out. Doug
  21. dougbgt6

    Engine mounts

    I was discussing engine mountings with Andy Cook at the EB meeting the other night. When I fitted the side panels to my GT6 the air filter box fouled the top of the side panel so I cut the panel down leaving a gap of about an inch under the box. I edged the with rubber and it looks OK. However I notice the rubber is showing signs of being whacked by the air filter box which means the engine is flexing an inch. We didn't think that was acceptable and new mounts were required. Then we got to thinking about the quality of engine mounts currently available and wondered if polybush replacements are available or, if they exist, would be the right thing to go for? I had a trawl on here and it appears Chris Witor does Superflex engine mounts for 2000/2500s. His web site appears to be under construction and as yet shows NO Spitfire/GT6 spares. I've emailed him to see if he does them, but no reply yet. The 2000/2500 ones are £27.50 + vat each, so £66 a pair while a rubber set from the club shop would be £18. Is it worth it? Does anybody have supplier recommendations? Doug
  22. I've booked an opticians appointment for next week db
  23. Tim, You don't need a running car to go to a TSSC meeting, Herts & Berks meet in Hook 10 miles from Farham. Lots of help and expertise available. Details on the front page of this site under the Areas button. Doug
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