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  1. Being the tidy soul that I am, and with total faith in the new kit, I had thrown the old bits away when I dismantled everything!
  2. Back to drawing board, and another supplier! Thanks for the information.
  3. Didn't get much joy from the supplier, other than the to be expected "this has never happened before, we've sold thousands of them". I have overcome the problem, I think, by putting what I considered to be an enormous bend in the vertical link. I not talking just straining it to insert the trunnion, rather I've "bent it"! Also, I've not used anything like the stated torque. 48 ft/lbs seems to me to be a hell of a lot, to the point where it started to overcome the bend I'd put in the sides of the link. All seems to function okay. The various washers and the "O" rings are in place, but it still does not alter the fact that the tubes do not completely fill the bushes! Comments please, Ken.
  4. I'm using standard plastic but the tube provided is nowhere near the width of the bushes and the washers etc. You appear to have identified my problem, many thanks for the information. I feel a call to the suppliers coming on!!!!
  5. Help! I am very new to Triumph workings and on a very steep learning curve. I've rebuilt the back end of a Spitfire 1500, exchange diff, new drive shafts, bearings and UJ's. No great problems, other than the trunnions! How tight are they supposed to be? As soon as I get anywhere near the stated torque (48 ft/lbs) the "squeeze" on the vertical link is such that the trunnion is pinched so tight it is difficult to move. Is that as it should be? If fitted that tight they will be acting as another suspension damper. Please reassure me I've not gone mad.
  6. No pete its not a black one, although plan "B" may involve a colour change. The car performs so well I sure the output is easily 120 BHP, and thereby may be the problem. I have considered going to a lower ratio diff and/or reverting to 13 inch wheels. Whilst reducing the torque on the diff I do wonder what might be the effect on performance. Thanks for the input lads, it seems further research is required.
  7. I have a Spitfire 1500 that has a Fiat Mirafiori 2 litre engine and gearbox. Great, everything in the garden is rosy except it appears to have destroyed a recently refurbished diff! The previous owner rebuilt the diff so I'm not aware of the detail of what was done, other than to say he appears to have been very capable in all other works he undertook. There are some terrible noises from the diff and an alarming backlash. Before I replace the diff I would like to reassure myself that the standard fitment is capable of handling the increased power. This engine is pushing out about 120 BHP, through gear ratios that seem spot on when using the standard diff ratio and 14 inch wheels. Is there a more robust diff out there that can be fitted without major rear end engineering?
  8. Thanks for the input Paul, but this car is a bit different! I recently acquired the Spit and the previous owner has rebuilt the diff and fitted a lowering block. He has done some really good work on the car and I don't believe there is anything wrong with the diff mounting, but I admit I never noticed the lop-sided suspension until I was riding the car home! What I found interesting, and why I asked the original question, was on an American web site. Our American cousins apparently believe that Spitfires are very prone to driver side sag (maybe American drivers are heavier than we Brits). However, they seem convinced that the only real solution is to replace the leaf spring. It was that which I thought might be a bit drastic if you could try turning the thing round first! I'm going to give it a try.
  9. Thanks lads! I have been careful to assess the front and have indeed put a small spacer to lift drivers side slightly. However, there is still a sag which does appear to be "coming" from the back. Next step is to reverse that leaf spring!
  10. Is the rear leaf spring "handed" on a 1500 Spitfire? In other words can I swing it round to overcome driver side sag, or is it to be a new spring.
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