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  1. i don't know if i'm late to these or they are new but these things are brilliant, used edge on especially for knocking down welds without touching the metal around it. paul
  2. yes they were, before brexit, no hassle. paul
  3. i've always found the easiest to use are the ones that have the on/off switch on the bottom, i.e. where you're fingers naturally grip. i have a Silverline for heavy duty work and one that's branded Moss for general stuff.
  4. i ended up buying a TR6 body mount kit as it has more of everything included and you end up with alot of spares.
  5. the new triumph HQ, the rugs should be good for mopping up oil....
  6. nice, the only car i didn't want my mates to see me driving 30 odd years ago was a 2cv. i had to move it for a family member, dark glasses and a hat solved that..... 🤣
  7. Nothing to do with racing but i volunteer at Brooklands museum and meet some very well off people with deep pockets who have cars that i can only dream of owning. but during a chat i might mention that i have a GT6 and every time people eyes light up and say something like "i used to have a spitfire/gt6, beautiful cars etc" These days a classic is a classic and if you speak to another car or bike nut it doesn't matter what you drive or ride. paul
  8. thanks to everyone. i'll probably go without the ballast resistor, i'm not worried about cold starting. new wiring means new everything else as well so i can build the system from scratch. cheers paul
  9. Hi all, At some point i will be changing all the wiring on my 72 gt6. This means that i can go WITH or WITHOUT the ballast resistor, i am leaning towards no resistor... Any opinions?
  10. once my car is done, it will def. get a decent tracker..... along with an electric fence inside the garage.......
  11. i'm sure i mentioned this somewhere before but i'm going to use D ring dzus fasteners on mine
  12. off to see a man about rebuilding my GT6 gearbox...
  13. i hope you've got all the near crashes out of the way as i'm heading to your neck of the woods sunday....
  14. i read the first line of the 1st post and started smiling, i knew what was coming..... it's the reason there are so many rotting heaps for sale. fair play for trying to sort it out, i bet you want to keep it now 😉
  15. maybe have a word with one of the car stripping companies like envirostrip to see if they will chemically strip the whole tank, then you can re coat the inside... paul
  16. Hi all, If there's one thing i'm really not good at it's wiring, i can follow diagrams and trace faults but that's about it. But i would like to separate out the GT6 wiring into different circuits or at least give each wire a fuse.. I have the old loom to practice on before i get a new one. Is it just a case of separating the 11 wires going into the back of the old fusebox and giving each one a terminal ? which ones would be ground etc? Thanks in advance for any help. paul
  17. the last update and for future ref. all the Timken wheel bearing sets for a ROTO gt6 paul
  18. i put an order in for the front bearings, cheers
  19. spot on cheers, it was probably you're post i was thinking about. paul
  20. this is Kat, often follows me to the garage and sits outside while i make noise.
  21. Hi all, someone put the timkin bearing numbers on here fairly recently but i can't find it now. i'm looking for all the timkin bearings used on the gt6, front and rear. cheers paul
  22. thanks clive, just checking before ordering parts.
  23. ludwig113

    Dirty books

    damn..... you found the one flaw in my plan.... i know we'll send them to you and you can keep them all !
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