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    Restoration of my 1966 Mk1 2ltre Vitesse, taking longer than planned. Badly dropped in it by K&N from Faversham. Full restor taken over by another body shop. Now trying to build up the missing parts for assembly. Owned both Heralds & Vitesse over the years. Also restored my MX5 Mk1, a future classic in the making perhaps.

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  1. Do rear springs loose flexing ability over time if unused ? I am restoring a MK1 Vitesse which has been off the road for many years. It has been jacked up and down a lot during the course of the restoration, and now at the end of the restoration the rear wheels seem to be permanently tucked under, and short drives don't bring it back to normal. The rear spring appears OK to look at but shows no flexing when jacking. The lower trunions have been renewed and therefor not ceased. I am aware of the tuck-in characteristics when jacked up, and my previous experience is that a short drive sorts it out. There plenty of discussion about sagging springs but mine appear to be the opposite. Am I looking at a new spring ( I see that Rimmers sell them) to bring back to norn? Advice would be welcome
  2. The above comments highlighted an issue which I did not know-- ie My car was originally a non-overdrive, which I changed to an overdrive version gearbox, and was installed when the body was off the car. However the difficulty arose more recently when I needed to remove the gearbox again. With the body was back on the car, removal of the gearbox was frustrated by lack of space at the rear of the gearbox. What the comments above highlighted was that the rear floorpan on an overdrive gearbox has an additional cutaway with a access plate, which allows access to the bolts at front of the prop shaft, and more space to lift out the gearbox out. I also found a Utube video showing the floorpan cutaway. The gearbox now is now out. Hoping to putting it back in very soon, I wonder if Ill get away with a couple of hours work on Xmas day !! Lesson learnt- The reason for gearbox removal was a suspected leak at the rear crankcase seal, it looked ok when the clutch was replaced. Owing to the car having been standing for number of years it only started leaking when the engine was all fired up. A time consuming mistake. Lets hope install has no issues. Thanks again for all the comments.
  3. Very encouraging comments, sounds like I know what I'll be doing over Xmas
  4. Can the OD gearbox in my Vitesse be removed from the inside? Space is very tight, and I have seen comments about releasing the engine mounts to allow the engine to be moved forward. etc. Removal of the gearbox is required to replace the clutch. I would appreciate any advice or tips as to the process.
  5. Thanks for the Mick Dolphin tip for spares, this was new to me so could be useful for other spares. No elbow in stock though. I don't have a pipe coming out, just a hole, so a home made flap might work.
  6. I need a solution to install the pipe & elbow to the heater box that is attached to the bulkhead of my Vitesse. The elbow part 609156, & pipe 616206 appear to be no longer available. Has anybody got this parts for sale, or any ideas for a fix. This is also the same as the Herald model range.
  7. I don't know what the original fan looks like., or a picture of part 211986. Those for sale on ebay are usually 4 blade fans. The fan needs to have hole on the centre to allow clearance fro the crank pully. It these are the correct fans are they for sale?
  8. The part 211986 appears to be not in stock anywhere. There seems to be mixed advice (such as Cranley Classics), who say try the later MK2, & play about with different spacers. Unless I can find a 211986 tucked away any where. I'm building my car from a basket case, with some missing parts. Still trying to keep to original spec where possible. Thanks for all the info has been very useful.
  9. Thanks for that, unless there is one on ebay ( I will have to be careful to get the right one), does this mean that I have to go down the electric fan route. Unless there is another solution.
  10. I need a fan for my Mk1 2litre Vitesse. Rimmer no longer stock this part 211986. What is the difference with the later MK2 part 308353, and would this fit my MK1 ? Any advice please
  11. Restoring my Vitesse saloon from a basket case, after my restorer went bust & many parts went "missing". Desperate for set of door catches, Rimmer do the striker but without the spring, cannot find plates anywhere. Car is now all painted, this is holding up assembly and to sort out shut lines etc. Update - Parts have been sourced on ebay
  12. I have a similar story with my vitesse with them that is progressing very very slow. I live about 30 mile away, and I last visited the workshop about two months ago. I hope to visit them again later this week to further chase up. I am very concerned about what I am hearing here. Ill let you know how i get on. Regards -Mike
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