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  1. djn

    6 cyl micro squirt

    Thanks for the reply Nick. Will let you know how I get on once I get the wide band fitted and the roads get cleaned of salt. DJN
  2. djn

    6 cyl micro squirt

    Hi Keith, I think my cam is a standard early TR6 pi cam. Will be fitting a wide band O2 sensor soon and will have another go at set up. No rolling roads anywhere near me but planning a trip to one up in Wick later in the spring to hopefully smooth things out. DJN
  3. djn

    6 cyl micro squirt

    Hi Nick, A wide band O2 is on my shopping list so I will have a play around with things once it is fitted. Bonnet clearance is tight but it shuts and so far so good. My throttle body is a 46mm. Thanks for the reply and I will update my progress after I get to the bottom of my noisy back axle area. DJN
  4. djn

    6 cyl micro squirt

    Hi Roger, Yes, it came with the kit from "Trigger Wheels".
  5. djn

    6 cyl micro squirt

    Hi again, Re Nick Jones post, did you manage to smooth out the issue with lumpy tick over and trickling along in slow moving traffic? My set up has the same issue, fine when cruising but not happy at very low speeds. Fuel consumption improvement similar to yours and pulling well from low down the revs. It has done about 3000 miles since first run with out any issues. I have tinkered slightly with the maps but I don't want to get too far off base. I hope to get on a rolling road sometime in the future but the nearest ones to me are about 200 miles away or so. Currently using a narrow band O2 sensor but considering getting a wide band sensor? Thanks for the various posts and info. DJN
  6. djn

    6 cyl micro squirt

    Finally starting to get a few bits together. Gone for microsquirt and CP pi inlet manifolds. Hope to start fitting in the next few weeks. Interested to hear any advice, especially on bonnet clearance issues and fuel pump stuff. Up and running. A bit of tidying up and tuning to do but running well already.
  7. djn

    6 cyl micro squirt

    Finally starting to get a few bits together. Gone for microsquirt and CP pi inlet manifolds. Hope to start fitting in the next few weeks. Interested to hear any advice, especially on bonnet clearance issues and fuel pump stuff.
  8. Hi, I have been thinking of installing efi in my 2500 spitfire. Looking at the list of parts needed I was thinking of getting the microsquirt kit first and sourcing the other bits and pieces as they become available. Would it be worth while installing the microsquirt kit first just for the ignition control. I currently have a luminition kit installed. Any advice would be very helpfull. Many thanks in advance. DJN
  9. Hi again, Found this on another forum. Hope I am aloud to paste items from elsewhere to here. "Paul" contacted "Overdrive Spares" and got this reply. Hi Paul Ignore what it tells in the manuals it is not correct for every unit and would have only been correct when the overdrive was new The best way to explain it is thus with the operating valve /spring /ball/plug fitted if you take hold of the brass lever and push it towards the solenoid you will feel a light spring pressure if you rest your finger on the start of the spring pressure and energize the solenoid when set correctly the lever needs to jump 1.5 to 2mm towards the solenoid when the solenoid is not energized you should have some free play in the lever regards Dave. Has anyone come across this info before. Will try this method of aligning the lever when I get a chance and will report back. DJN
  10. Hi, I would be interested to hear how you get on with this. I have the same issue. The first time I select overdrive from cold, there is a slight delay in engaging. Fine after that but always releases with a fair thud. (spitfire 2500, d type OD)
  11. Every time I click on a topic I end up with the last post/last page first and have to scroll up to get to the start. Have I got a setting wrong? This didn't happen on the previous version of the forum. DJN
  12. Hi, I came across a post on some website a while back re different float bowls front and rear on the vitesse/gt6 engine set up with SU carbs. The reason given is because these engines are not mounted horizontally (lower to the rear) and as the front bowl is forward of the carb body and the rear bowl is rearward the fuel levels at the jets, if all else is equal, will be different. (higher at the front jet and lower at the rear). Using a different bowls front and rear (I don't have the part numbers to hand but could look them up if needed) will level things up. DJN
  13. Hi, I don't think it can be done. Once you have gained access to the overdrive, a few extra nuts and bolts removed and the whole gearbox will come out. Let us know how you get on if you manage it. DJN
  14. Seem to remember having the same problem in my Vitesse many years ago. As mentioned above, make sure fans are switched off before you switch off the engine and see if that stops the running on.
  15. Hi, There seems to be some indicator relays available which emit an audible indication. I was thinking about getting one but just wondering if anyone has experience of them. I don't want to sound like a reversing truck while waiting at a junction.
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